5 days in Amsterdam

by Defne


In this article, I would like to talk about our 3-day trip to Amsterdam in May. Regarding Amsterdam, our friends who had gone before said that a very small city would be more than enough for 3 days, yes, we visited almost every place to visit in 3 days, but i would not object if i had a few more days :)I have to state before i go to the details of the trip. that Amsterdam is a really nice, very lively, very lively, very fun and very cosmopolitan city. We loved 🙂

In fact, we didn’t have much planning opportunity before this trip, we decided to go very quickly and we set out with an Amsterdam book, a few friends and internet advice. As soon as we arrived in Amsterdam, we bought a ticket for the train from the airport to the city centre and arrived at Central Station after a 10-15 min journey. As soon as we landed, we dived into the first place we saw to get something to eat. And the first thing I bought was a box of stroopwafel( caramel waffel), i really recommend delicious. In the meantime, Amsterdam’s waffels are famous and you have to try it with coffee. Anyway, after a short environmental discovery, we found the stop where tram number one took off to our hotel and took the tram. We got our one-day tram ticket on the tram. Our hotel Filosoof is located near Vondelpark in the 2nd floor of the Leidseplein stop. it was at the stop, so it was 10 minutes from the centre by tram. (http://www.sandton.eu/nl/amsterdam ). It’s a clean, cute boutique hotel but it may still not satisfy those who want to stay within walking distance of the centre. Anyway, we quickly settled in and started to go for a ride.

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First we started from Dam square and surrounding area, we walked along the canals, we saw their houses, which surprised us with their curved twists and exhibited all their elegance with their big windows, we sat in overflowing cafes and drank fatigue coffee, We ate some nice ice cream as we got hurt, we were pretty used to the city in the first half day, I would say 🙂 There were a few friends on our list with advice cafes and restaurants. If there are thousands of restaurants in Amsterdam, acting with advice can help you achieve more satisfying results. But even if you sit in a random place, I don’t think it’s too disappointing. It is possible to find many country cuisines. There are plenty of Indonesian, Indian, Japanese, Argentine restaurants. We went to Tomo sushi in Rembrandtplein the first night. One of the restaurants we went to and was most satisfied with in the following days is Coffee&Jazz (a really different place, venue owner, chef and also waitress, you can tell what we mean when you see the person who is a waiter, but J) and the other Japan was The Hillside Kobehouse. I recommend both. I can recommend the Gauchos steak chain to meat lovers, falafel lovers will also feast in Amsterdam because there are a lot of falaparalysis, fast, practical and delicious, can be eaten as an intermediate meal 🙂 If you say there are so many international cuisine sits in Dutch cuisine, we didn’t go on that quest specifically because it doesn’t appeal to us. But actually, a friend of mine suggested D’Vijff Vlieghen de Dutch, unfortunately there’s no more food left to go. Another advice was Momo, but there was no time left to go there www.momo-amsterdam.com. In the meantime, I recommend eating pancakes for breakfast for at least one day, but I recommend Pancake Bakery. They have quite different varieties from classic pancakes.

Besides eating and drinking, we spent some of our time drinking mint tea at coffeshop:) If you ask me these coffeshops are money traps but of course you still try and see for yourself

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During this 3-day trip, our days are still spent on foot all over the city, so we are not much to go to a club and so on in the evenings. But if it were up, Supperclub and Jimmy Woo were on our list. In fact, we spent our time outdoors until that hour because it was almost dark at 10:30 p.m., I think I liked Leidseplein the most. It is already mentioned as Amsterdam’s entertainment centre, and there are a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars around it. Considering that the Dutch national drink is beer, there are a lot of beer, which is highly recommended to a little lovers 🙂 Speaking of beer, it’s the second time on our trip. We spent 1-2 hours in Heineken’s first factory and now the museum, “Heineken experience”, while we went all the way there on the day. We were pleased that we both got information about the production of beer and took advantage of the free beers served at the exit 🙂

On the last day of our trip, we thought we’d visit museums, but it was so nice that it would be a shame to spend the whole day indoors. We entered the Van Gogh museum in the morning, there were meters of queues, but across the museum we found another sales office selling the entrance ticket for the same price, so we got rid of waiting for the queue. The museum was beautiful, of course, i think it should definitely be seen, if you’re interested in art. We stopped visiting other museums, because of both the lack of time and the desire to spend time outdoors, and even though we wanted to, we couldn’t get into Anna Frank’s house, but it was because of her. Every time we passed in front of him, we saw the line, and we finally gave up. It’s best to buy online tickets in advance. As a result, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a boat tour of the canal on the last day. It has to be done because you can see places where we can’t normally see the city on foot. But if it’s sunny, don’t forget to wear a lot of sunscreen, sunglasses and hats, and a must-have camera 🙂

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 Another tourist tourist destination in Amsterdam is the RedLightDistrict. Of course, we didn’t miss it either, and we crossed our path during the day. There wasn’t much of an interesting thing at that time, and when it got dark, we thought we’d go again, and when we went at night, we came across a more colorful and vibrant environment thanks to both the burning red lights and the crowds of tourists. I think it’s one of the only places where you can get a chance to get into interesting shows. Try it.

Apart from that, when you say Amsterdam (or the Netherlands), one of the first things that comes to mind is tulips, I guess. The flower market, which is set along one of the canals in the city, is really enjoyable, you can see a lot of different onion plants, you can buy it if you want. There are also many cafés and gift shops in the area. Another thing to remember is to taste gouda cheese and buy gifts for your loved ones or yourself while you’re there. There are a lot of different varieties, but we’ve loved the classic Goudas and the relatively old, parmesan-thigh cheeses. I’d say we even fed the cheese soured in cheesemakers, J.

When it comes to shopping, there are actually a lot of and varied stores. But I liked the places that sell kitchen ware and design products the most. There were so many design products that my eyes feasted. I found places for kids that sell beautiful products, and I was able to get some nice gifts for our afacana.

In fact, on this three-day trip, maybe we’d finish Amsterdam and go to nearby cities, but it didn’t. Maybe next time you go in mid-April and visit tulip fields and gardens, as well as other small, lovely Dutch cities. 

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Laurel 🙂

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