Breakfast in Ankara Incek

by yaww
In Ankara, many breakfast places have been opened in recent years, when we can have breakfast in greenery and where we can escape from the city, and in recent years many breakfast places have been opened on Incek Boulevard. We intend to try them one by one and share them with you. You can share your thoughts with your comments about what you’re going to.

1. Bilican Mountain

Zeynep Hn in the back streets near incek Ring Road. this place operated by, our favorite so far. A small number of tables provide natural shade with lush grasslands made 16 years ago, fruit trees. In addition to many activities such as slides and swing in the children, chickens and roosters roaming the middle are also fun. Since the place is surrounded by railings, you don’t have to go after your kids. The quality of breakfast is normal, honey, jam, eggs, pancakes (extra), 3 kinds of cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, honey, butter and tea were offered as desired. I don’t know if it’s a cream…

Bilican Da? ?ncek'da Breakfast?

2. Challa

That’s our second favorite right now. They expanded their place by buying another garden, again near the ring road. It’s a spacious place, the tree shade is small but its umbrellas are large and efficient. They don’t put people on top of each other, it’s a spacious place. Breakfast quality is also normal, honey sliders, tea pot sliders and tea again comes. We asked for filter coffee, there’s no filter coffee. There is parking for children in the back (new) garden and surrounded by wire, easy to control.

3. Crooked grass

It’s not very enjoyable. The tables are very close together, very crowded and there are lots of tables. It’s a bit of chaos. But as usual, our people want to be in the most crowded place, so there may be rows at the door, so don’t go without a reservation. Breakfast is also standard, we did not see an additional service that we can say is very nice. There’s a playground, but you’d better not miss your child, it’s a big place and it’s going from the playground to the parking lot.

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