Vancouver – Whistler

by Defne

I've heard many times before that Vancouver is a beautiful city, but I didn't think I could find a lot of things together in this city. Vancouver is the first city I've ever seen in Canada. Considering it's a big country, I'm sure they have many more beautiful cities and natural beauties.


On a one-week holiday (we made our trip in the last week of November, which coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday), you can easily visit Vancouver and its surroundings. Although we left in November, the weather was sunny, we were lucky about it because vanvouver is a beautiful city, but the weather is mostly rainy. Of course, just because it's sunny doesn't mean it's hot, be prepared to cool in Canada and always fold in.

There's a variety of things that can be done in the city, but our focus on this holiday was to spend our time mostly in nature. We spent half of the holiday in Vancouver, skiing in the ski town of Whistler, two hours north of the city. For accommodation, we chose one of the multi-storey skyscraper hotels in the city center and by the sea. Public transport is common in the city, but we have provided transportation by car that we rented, thinking that it is both cold and more comfortable to visit with children. Stanley park was the first place we went to in the city.


In this park with huge trees very close to the city centre (almost a huge forest, don't look at what I call a park) you can spend all day sporting sports or picnics in beautiful weather. There are also a few beaches in the park. There's a nice view point that sees lions gate bridge when you drive to the far end of the park.

It's one of the nice spots to watch the city from the top. But given that the city is surrounded by mountains, there are many other places where you can watch the city from the top. Enjoy city views from Grouse Mountain or one of the landscape points on the Cypress Provincial Park road. If you want to take a lunch break in the Stanley park, 'The Teahouse Restaurant' is a very cute place and its food is also quite tasty.


Vancouver is a haven for coffee lovers. There's a lot of options for you to have some good coffee. Coffee sits very nice ly in most of the breakfast venues. Medina café, one of them, we liked both the coffee and the breakfast menu. Granville Island is another place to enjoy the day with its lovely shops, market place and city views. 'Go Fish', which can be reached by foot or car from the island, is a practical option for those who want to eat fish bread on foot.

Vancouver is paradise not only for coffee lovers, but also for beer lovers, because there are many places that produce their own beer. We tried Steamworks and were pleased. On a sunny day, visiting Kitsilano, one of the settlements in the south of the city, is very enjoyable. In the mood of a resort town with its architecture and relaxed style. Jericho beach park is a nice option for those who want to take a pleasant beach walk and watch from adistance to the view of downtown Vancouver.


There are 2 suspension bridges that you can visit very close to the city. The first of these and the more touristic capilano. Although very close to the city, when you get here, all of a sudden you find yourself in a rainforest climate. Nice walking routes in the forest, tree houses that attract a lot of children and, of course, a place that can be spent a few hours with pleasure with the suspension bridge. The other suspension bridge is in Lynn Canyon. It's a little farther from the city, but the entrance is free compared to Capilano, the suspension bridge is a little shorter, but I think the walking route is quite enjoyable, again a nice place where waterfalls flow from everywhere in the consistency of the rainforest.

Other places we tried for breakfast were 'Twisted Fork Bistro' and quite authentic place, and 'Chambar' was quite elegant. For those who want to dine in a stylish venue, I can recommend Cactus Club Cafe, which is very close to Canada Place.


There are many good places to be seen on the way from Vancouver to Whistler. Lighthouse Park, Point Atkinson is one of them. You can park your car at the entrance to the park and take a short walk through the forest and reach the lighthouse. Another break point is Horseshoe bay. I think this small port town where a lot of ferries are boarded is very cute. The rest of the road continues largely along the coast. You can go on the road without getting bored until Whistler, accompanied by a view of fyord by the sea.


Another town to take a break is Squamish. Surrounded by steep cliffs, this town is one of rock climbers' favorite places. As we moved north and into the mountains, the temperate weather in Vancouver left its place in the snow and cold. For those of us who want to ski in November, it was a nim. We loved this ski resort, which is long enough to slide from completely different pistes for 3 days, as whistler and blackcomb are connected by cable car with two separate peaks. Families can enjoy the ski slopes while children spend fun learning to roll and ski in the snow at a highly professionally crafted, fully surrounded and secure ski school for children.


We didn't get a chance to go to Vancouver Island and Victoria on this trip. Those who don't want to ski can combine their vancouver trips with Victoria Island and visit Vancouver and Victoria in a week. If you want to visit the entire island, I think it's necessary to arrange a trip in itself.




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