A 1957 Chevrolet 3100 story

by yaww

Apache Pickups are hard to find, not like other classics. Snored, corrupted, modified; or untouched but decays in a closed place in Anatolia, in a barn.

I found it in a creek bed in Aksaray in 1995 and bought a 56 Chevrolet 3100 pickup. I was a student, my second classic, and I collected it beautifully. But when I needed a new car to go to METU, I left. It's been on my mind ever since.

Year 2011, I'm obsessed, I have to find a classic pickup before 60. I wrote to all the forums, Facebook groups "please find me a pickup." It wasn't enough, I advertised a series, i gave the Anatolian edition a week, 50's pickup truck wanted. Everybody called because we got 72, 85, 69. There's not one. Then I asked Mr. Bulent, I'm looking for a pickup to advertise to the magazine, how many pounds he is…

That's when I saw a photo on Facebook bekir our friend nigde put the group. 1957 Chevrolet 3100, Ankara plate. I wrote it right away, i asked. I learned that he took the photo years ago in Ankara-Çubuk district. The owner didn't sell it, but he pulled his new Doblo into the garage, dumped our 57 on the street. But brother Bekir, he doesn't know the address, he knows the phone, he's in Nigde. Then everyone wrote to me, "oh we've worked so hard, it doesn't sell", "Mr. Yavuz, the market is no longer like your 18-year-old time." But one person doesn't say car at this address, it's classicist solidarity(!).

We're questioning the address from the license plate in the photo, we're leaving, it's already collapsed, it's a big building. We're breaking the bells, no one knows Uncle Mehmet. One Friday morning, I'm out of my head, I jumped on my 55, i uploaded the photo to my phone, I fell on the rod paths. I always saw the Rod sign next to Esenboga Airport, but I didn't know it was that far away. I showed you the first bar photo when I got to The Bar. There's cobblestones on the floor. He said, if it were, he would be in this village. I went to that village, sent it to another village in that village, another village there. As the clocks flowed like this, a crippled uncle took over on the road. I stopped, i barely put it to '55, it's been a little hard, i don't want to stop. But they said, "You're going to get a favor." I thought I'd show uncle a picture on the way. "I saw this car at that oil station"?

After I left the uncle, I went to the station immediately, the name of the station is the same as uncle Mehmet's last name, the owner of the pickup truck. Uncle Mehmet also lives in the gas station of his relatives. We sat down and had a cup of tea. I said, "Uncle, would you sell it?" We went and looked. When our '57 malfunctions, uncle Mehmet is bored now, replaced by a Doblo, '57' beautifully packed and hid under the roof in the backyard. When I saw it, I couldn't believe how well you were doing. Uncle Mehmet was the second owner, bought it in 1960, used it in trade today.




We agreed immediately, so the next day we went to the notary and sold it. We loaded it onto the tow truck and took it to Rally Auto. We tied the battery, and we saw the starter engine locked, we cleaned it, we finally started it. But the surprise is, the bed started to hit. That's when I realized why Uncle Mehmet gave up what he loved.

From now on, the adventures we all have. We've downloaded the engine, the shortcomings, the failures, almost everything changed, repaired. On the other hand, his bonnet, his paint began. I saw a blue cart on the Internet before I even got a pickup truck, and I fell in love. I look at other colors, it's not attractive. Red is nice but already my '55 red. And I found a nice yellow, then I put it to the group's Facebook page to vote. Wherever I vote, who I ask, it's over. It's either Blue or Yellow.

I finally decided to go up my nose and dye it in candy blue. I went and brought a lot of pieces myself from the U.S., and Imported what I couldn't carry like a tampon. Not every model of the 1957s didn't have a radio, and mine didn't have it, but we took the sheet of the radio section and boiled it there, and like this, our Falcon ptope turned into Dogan with the radio. We've refreshed all your buttons, accessories. And with great pleasure, we've assembled them all.

 8 9


I didn't make the back safe wood, because to protect the wood, you're going to have to make tarpaulins in the safe this time. And then you're driving around in a truck you've covered with tarpaulin. Instead, I chose to paint and leave the hair case floor on it.

And I brought an outer visor that you didn't see in the pictures, but the classicists always dreamed of. It's going to be painted soon, and when we put it on the windshield, we'll have a stylish '57.

I've had a four-way test from the ground in my previous '56 pickup. That's three forwards from the arm. It's called automatic gearing on pickups, but I've never met. Since the differential ratio is very low, it's barely 80 km even in top gear. you're reaching speed.

The adventure we started in January was completed in September and I fell on the road. It's become a much more comfortable and balanced car than I expected. Maybe we've given our country a classic to be scrapped.

I've delayed this article by two months. Now I'm writing from a flight to New York, and I'm finally going to complete this trip and other shortcomings and prepare them for summer.


1955-1959 Chevrolet Pickups 


The 1955-1959 models coincide with the Chevrolet Task Force years, which Chevrolet revolutionized, and the designs of previous years are called Chevrolet Design Advance. Since 1955 onboth cars and pickups, innovations have been made to be considered revolutions both in walking parts and designs, and the vehicles of these years have achieved high sales figures.

Chevrolet came down from the top in the early 1950s with the application of many brands on top-of-the-top V8 engine models. In those years, while top-top v8 engines were in all luxury cars, it was the second half of 1955, when cheap brands such as Chevrolet and Plymouth only caught this technology. In this technology, it's fair to say that ford is chasing a year late, but Chevrolet is behind us. That's because Chevrolet's new 265 Cuin V8 engine has wiped Ford's Y engine off the market and resettled at the top.

In the 1955 2nd series pickups, a one-piece windshield was produced, a first for the industry. This style of GM applied at Concept Buick LeSabre at Motorama Fair a year ago attracted a lot of attention. In addition, the 12V electric system, the fender with the headlights, the switched contact, tubeless tyres, the optional enlarged rear glass, the overdrive gearbox, the power brake and steering and the V8 engine options were signed in 1955. Models: H2 1/2 tons, M2 1/2 tons longbed, J2 3/4 tons, L2 1 ton

In 1956, the wider front emblem and the last time the grill type front shutters are used. The front emblem includes v for V8 engines. Models: 3A 1/2ton, 3D 1/2ton longbed, 3E 3/4ton, 3G 1ton.

As in the same car in 1957, there are two metallic protrusions on the hood and side emblems are ovalized, the shutters are no longer in the form of grills. Models up to this year consist of a cascading case called stepside. Models are the same as 1956. In mid-1957, the first 4×4 pickups were released.

After 1958, pickups are called Apache. The flat rear case called Fleetside, four headlights, parking lights embedded in the shutterare innovations from 1958-1959. Air conditioning is also available as an option for the first time. Models are the same as 1956. In 1959, the power of the 283-player engine was increased to 230 HP, renamed Turbo-fire, which was used in sedan delivery and el camino models.

Pickups are available with 235 cuin 6 cylinders (123HP), 265 (132HP) and 283 cuin V8 cylinder (160HP starting in 1957). In addition, the 265 cuin engine has been powered by an optional 4 bare carburetor to 205HP.

Gearbox options are manual with 3-speed synchronised (optional overdrive), 4-speed automatic and 4-speed synchronised manual. In addition, the back case of cameo models sold 30% more expensive between 1955 and 1959 is made of fiberglastan.

In the following years, C/K Series pickups replaced task force series pickups.


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