1955 Chevy, Injector Project

by yaww

 What's the matter, what's it for?


When I decided to replace the 1955 Chevrolet Belair with a 265-year-old engine with Edelbrock's EFI system, both in terms of performance and fuel, I embarked on a long-term investigation. I have been very much informed about the assembly before I get the necessary parts, and I wanted to share this information with other classic lovers both before and after the installation. Since you don't want to use a classic with any real curious LPG, I'm willing to help with anything if you think of the EFI system as a professional alternative.

Plenty of classic day
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What is EFI, what does it earn?

Electronic Fuel Injection has had to be developed, albeit expensive ly because of American Emissions Laws since 1980, and fuel supply and engine control currently used in almost all gasoline vehicles produced System.

Old model engines: Works with a carburetor, a mechanical distributor and a normal fuel pump. The distributor advance setting is mechanically adjusted according to the suction power of the carburetor. (Automatic) With the jeep, a richer mixture is prepared by shortening the air of the engine in a cold environment. Fuel is now a lifelong system in terms of efficiency because it is not broken into small particles and it takes a little drive to get into the pistons.

EFI: Works with injectors that spray direct gasoline into the piston and a pressure/electric fuel pump. Many settings, such as the refueling time (ms) of the injectors, rolanti transfer, are controlled by an electronic brain. The electronic brain collects the following information from the engine: Manifold Pressure (MAP), Manifold Air Temperature (MAT), Engine Water Temperature, Gas Pedal Status, Engine Position (measured from within the distributor). This information determines both the user's current request and environmental conditions, comparing these conditions with the tables in his memory, determining the ignition time, the amount of gasoline and air. It also corrects errors by measuring oxygen in exoskeleton gas (O2). Because each engine has its own characteristics, you will need to update the fine settings (tables) with your driving experiments, even though the car will run when you complete the project.

There are two types of EFI systems: – MPI (Multi Port Injection), which is done by replacing suction manifia called frog, frog-attached injectors spray directly into the piston.-
TBI (Throttle Body Injection), replaces the carburetor by removing electronic spray system is made by installing a similar carburetor. Holley has this kind of product, but i haven't commented very well about it, even though it's cheap.



– Pre-1986 Chevrolet V8 Small Block (262-400 cid) engine – Th
e height of the new system should be checked to save the hood 17.5 cm (measured from the manifold front seal), except for your air filter. At least 2 cm between the hood and the air filter. The gap sho
uld be removed if there is a heat control sys
tem in the Ex
oskeleton Manify- 180 F thermostat- High model small or large-cap distri
butor (original 1955-56 distributor does not fit)- O2 (lambda) sensor to
[Kurşun, benzin içinde motorun yağlanmayan parçalarını korur. Kurşunlu benzin için üretilmiş motorlarda uzun süreli kurşunsuz benzin kullanımında hafif aşınmalar olabilir (ama oldu diyen duymadım). Bunun için Total’den Kurşunsuz Performa Greenmax alırsanız, deponuza ücretsiz olarak kurşunun eksikliğini giderecek, kurşun içermeyen bir katkı koyuyorlar. Ya da böyle bir katkı kendiniz kullanabilirsiniz (Türkiye’de kendinizi ifade edecek bir yer bulursanız)]
be used should be used with unleaded gasoline, or it will deteriorate. Help will be required for a few additions to the gas tank and exhaust.

Required materials


Edelbrock #3503 (750 cfm) set: This set is made for Small Block (262-400 jd) Chevrolet engines. 750 cfm airflow should be selected 1000 cfm if you have an engine that you plan to raise from 350 HP to more than 350 HP, enough for my 265 cid engine. The code of the set, EDL-3503 (www.summitracing.com), comes out of the main materials a
s the main materials- the brain, a
ll necessary cables and fuses- suction
manifiable (along with the necessary sensors and injectors on it)-
fuel pump, filter and hose etc. – o
ther bolts, hoses, clips, clamps, etc. many junk as such

Emme Manifold Seal: It's okay to use standard gaskets, but still recommended fel-pro #1205 or Edelbrock #7201, prices about $20 (www.summitracing.com)

Gasket adhesive: Loctite 598 is recommended to avoid disrupting the oxygen sensor. You can find out where to buy in your city on Henkel's phone at 216-469 05 96. Akay Business Machines (312-341 50 07) sells in Ankara. Price 8.5 million TL.

Winter thermostat (minimum 180 F): 195 F is recommended but I did not dare, price 10-15 million TL.

PCV Valve: A standard piece, 5-10 million TL

It is also necessary to have teflon tape (can be taken from the plumber). And if your gas mechanism isn't wire, they suggest you turn it into a wire. I think the iron connections are not flexible, so it erodes the system. You can handle it with a simple engineering and blacksmith.

There are a lot more lists in the assembly guide, but it seems to me that i don't need it with known Turkish logic. Where logic doesn't work, I write the supplements here. For now, the team bag, as well as the torque switch and advance lamp seem sufficient. Jack, coffee table, etc. Of course i do.

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