California (Yosemite, Los Angeles, San Diego)

by Defne

He first arrived in California 10 years ago in January and made both a touristic and sporting trip to the San Francisco-Lake Tahoe-Los Angeles family. I think that's when we saw Route 1, a California classic that needs to be seen. This time we wanted to make a trip to A little more different California, and with our friends who live there, we've set our travel route to Yosemite-Los Angeles-San Diego.


Yosemite is quite big and one of america's most important national parks. We were able to spend two days on this trip. We travelled two days when we could. But when our trip coincided with the beginning of the year, we saw that a large part of the floods and goals in the park was institutions. If you want a very juicy trip, spring is the best time. I mean, when your profits melt and the selales, the streams, the gurul activates. Of course, there are advantages to going in the fall. It's possible to reach Glacier Point, which normally covers in the sofa months, by car, in the summer and autumn. Because the park is so big, it takes a lot of time to get somewhere. That's why you have to be ready for permanent car journeys. Especially if you're traveling with two kids like us, you should buy plenty of snacks and drinks. There are toilets and small grocery stores in the park to buy at certain points, but the restaurant is very small.


Activities that can be done in the park are all unnerved camping, rock tyrannical, yuruyus, bicycles, picnics, seofing in the creek. It's all about what you want to do. First of all, it was a bit difficult and expensive to find a hotel because we went on labor day vacation. In fact, there are alternatives in the national park. We stayed at a resort very close to the entrance to the park (Tenaya Lodge). It was quite a comprehensive facility, there's also cottage for those who want it, two-storey, three-room houses in the forest. 2-3 families can stay comfortable. As distances are long, the hotel is not frozen until the hotel is interrupted in the morning and is not frozen, so it is preferable to be a cheaper hotel within the hotel's parking nerves. Mariposa Groove was the closest place to our hotel. It's worth seeing this abundance with giant sequoia trees. You can spend 2 hours there with ease. There'll be little squirrels blowing you around 🙂 Another place to go is El Capitan, half dome and three brothers rocks. The view at Tunnel View is great. You can see the whole valley from the top. As we continue towards Yosemite Village, the big floods are seen along the left road, but as I said, we were able to see a lot of water.


The Ahwahnee hotel, the park's oldest hotel near Yosemite Village, is also underway without sight. You can dine in your restaurant or have a drink in your bar. You can get in the water and cool off in the creek very close to the hotel. After we did these activities, we set our route to Tenaya Lake. It can be reached by driving for about an hour, away, but the view and the icy water of the goal value everything. After doing all this, we set back as the sun went down, we had a long way to go to the hotel. When it got dark and everyone was asleep, we only got to the hotel. The next day, our route was Glacier Point. Again, within an hour of driving to the hotel, this spot is one of the highest possible points in the park by car. Of course the view is great. It's possible to watch the view here and make sorrows. You can also meet your need for ice cream and water from the small market 🙂

After two days in Yosemite, we went to Los Angeles after doing these activities. It's a long five-hour journey. There are places to take a lunch break in the cities on the road. California's field landscapes have been stretched to Los Angeles. We were guests of our friends for two nights and tried to walk around like a native of the odds in Los Angeles:) Griffith Park Observatory is beautiful to view the Los Angeles view, lively with Melrose Place cafes, if you want to spend more time on beaches like us, Venice beach can go into the sea and bogus in waves or along a long coastline. You can eat something that can be eaten. Abbot Kinney street boutiques, cafes and restaurants can be quite in the view and from Venice beach. I recommend Inteligentsia on Abbot Kinney to coffee lovers. Another beach alternative is Laguna beach, but we're there the day we move to San Diego because it's a little far from Los Angeles. At Laguna beach, it's possible to spend time on the beach and play in the sand. It's pretty cute as a town. There is a suru table, café and restaurant.


Let's go to San Diego… San Diego, where we didn't get out of time on our first trip to California, but everyone who's stuck in our mind can't finish telling the story. We've been here for the longest part of our trip, we've been walking around for 3 days and 3 nights and we've seen it's as much a place as it really is told. Our hotel (Best Western) was in La Jolla, we chose it because it's close to a lot of beautiful beaches. Another alternative could be to stay on the island of Coronado or in one of the rental houses we saw along the coast between Mission beach and Pacific beach. We're pleased with La Jolla because there's a lot of good alternatives to eat on the evenings. It's a lovely seaside town. It's also quite interesting for the seals to host, of course, a little fragrant but it's a good person.  When you land on the beach in the morning, you see both the seals swallowing at sea and the sea surfers and surfers who blow on them. There's a lot of skiing, canoeing, kurek, dalis, which have come from the water sports. Unfortunately, we couldn't dive into two kids, as much as we wanted. I think the beaches that need to be seen are La Jolla Cove, Sunset Cliffs, Coronado, Windansea, Del Mar, Mission beach and Pacific beach. It's all beach at the end, but each one has its unique beauty.


Seals at La Jolla Cove, excellent gunbatimi and surfers at Sunset Cliffs, a long beach in Coronado and beautiful houses along the beach and, of course, the meshur Coronado hotel and cafes, still surfers in Windansea, a long beach in Del Mar and a beach with waves To be a hit to the interesting gunless parties in the summer houses on the beach, the strollers are able to shave, run and 🙂 Houses on the wooden giant pier and pier leading to the sea in Pacific beach. Each one is worth seeing separately. As for the restaurants, we took advantage of Yelp on this trip. In America, there's more fuss than foursquare, and it helps, restaurant selection. I'd say we've never been disappointed. The Hake restaurant was very nice for dinner in La Jolla, and there are great seafood for mediterranean cuisine lovers like us. Piatti is great for those who love italian cuisine for the evening or the afternoon again. In a big tree goal, you can sit in the garden and eat.


There's a lot of Mexican restaurants in the Old Town, and we went over the evening and we were able to walk around very soon, and then we sat down. Maybe you can give the Old Town more time. We chose to be on the beaches because their gun are so hot. We ate at Fred's mexican cafe in old town, start with margaritas, go on with fajita and tacos and finish with churro 🙂 Not to mention San Diego and not talk about the zoo, but even though the zoos made me crazy, we went and saw it. Because they provide relatively natural environments, the animals are well looked after and happy. But, of course, in San Diego, it's natural to see a polar moon or a polar gei. Still, he's a host of animals you don't see and see in your life. After about two hours of passing, we found a pub looking for a place to eat in the surrounding area, and we sat in the Urban Mo's pub, which looked pretty good and had a big yelp score. The place where we realized it was a gay bar after cooking was not used to see a family of two children, but the burgers were beautiful and there was nothing wrong with the environment 🙂 One evening, a friend of ours invited us to the Pacific coast grill, and it's great to sit right down the beach and watch the sun west. It's also a very nice place to get enough of seafood again.


I can't rule out san diego without saying that I'm running Sydney when I finish the cold. His relaxed lifestyle, ocean beaches, crazy waves and surfers impressed me a lot. A city that can be recalled over and over again.




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