Disneyland Paris

by Elcin

This time, the purpose of our holiday was to entertain the children. So we made our way to Disneyland Paris, where the two families first came to mind.


Of course, plane prices were extreme because of the holiday, already france and especially paris tickets are not usually very economical. We stayed for 4 nights by choosing our days accordingly, and since Disneyland is our first target, we bought our departure ticket to Lyon. Actually, flying to Lyon is very practical, because lyon airport has an ultra-modern we-high-speed train station and there's a direct high-speed train from here to Disneyland.


We were in the middle of Disneyland in an hour and a half on the high-speed train. The only problem here was that the last train was about 6:30 p.m. and there was only an hour and a half between the arrival time and the train time. If our plane was delayed, we missed the train and carried our luggage in the form of cabin baggage with concern that we would creep in lyon, and we saved both time and money by buying our train tickets in advance. I did, but it wasn't easy! Dear French people did not accept credit cards outside Europe, neither by phone nor online because we could not get tickets, so a close in Germany took it for us! As a result, since our plane did not delay, we arrived comfortably on the train and even waited. But how could we have known?

This charger, which caught our attention while waiting for the train, and you can wrap your phones by pedalling, also seemed very interesting to us.

pedalsarjIn fact, the cabin baggage didn't make much sense because it came with stroller luggage, even though we delivered the stroller at the airgate instead of luggage. We moved cabin luggage from place to place for nothing 🙁

Disneyland Paris…

Eurodisney_2013208Disneyland Paris occupies a full circle-shaped space on the map. As a hotel, we chose L'Elysee Val D'Europe, which is not a Disney hotel but is also located inside this apartment. This hotel is also Disney's contracted hotel, but it also makes more sense for us to make a reservation. We stayed at the same price as Disney's lowest-quality hotel but in a more neat hotel, waiting in line for anything. We reached the parks and 5 minutes by shuttle. I think the only advantage of Disney hotels is getting into the parks early in the morning, but you're already getting so tired until the evening, I don't think it's necessary to get in early.

When we got to Disneyland on the first day, of course it was evening. L'Elysee Val D'Europe is actually part of a complex that includes the Val D'Europe mall and the La Vallee outlet. Right next to the hotel, there are usually a few average restaurants and a shopping mall in front of it. As soon as we settled into the hotel on the first evening, we went out for dinner and ate at Pizza Di Roma, where we first found it. We found out later that the bursa was a chain. The food seemed too greasy to us, but their taste wasn't bad, at least we're full, 🙂

The next day we went to Disneyland early in the morning, of course. There are two parks called Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. At the entrance to these parks, restaurants and shops are also called Disney Village. There are food drinkers in the parks, but even though we're going in low season, we'd have to wait in line to get water! We've never been to Disney Village at noon, but I read that's the same situation there. So we bought sandwiches from the Earl of Sandwich in Disney Village, which had delicious sandwiches in the morning, and we sat down and ate them at lunch without waiting in line. It's been very, very practical! That's why we applied the same tactic on the second day. You're already bad enough to wait in line for tools!

Since we left in October, Disneyland had a Halloween theme. In addition to decorating them all over this theme, there were extra passages and live music during the day.


On our first day at Disneyland, we spent about 4:00 in the park. As the band's coward, I'm the task of entertaining the Little Traveler. Others have taken all kinds of tools. Since it's October, they've never had a queue on the most popular roller coasters. Little Traveller was most happy to meet Minnie and take pictures.! Of course he loved Disneyland, but I have to admit, I don't think he was as excited and happy as I expected… When I first went to college, I may have been more impressed! I'm committed to this before mickey went to the Music Festival, all his costumes, etc. … In this case, whether Disneyland is worth so much money is becoming debatable. And I also saw that after the age of 8, the Disney theme means nothing to children, so Europa Park or other parks are becoming more sensible in terms of both a wealth of activity and expense. I'm undo my previous Europa Park writing, or rather I'm correcting … 🙂

After the park, we went to La Vallee Outlet Center and went shopping. The little traveller, who was already exhausted, slept in his stroller. We didn't go back to disneyland because everyone was so tired in the evening and we couldn't find a better place, so we ate again at Pizza Di Roma.

We spent the whole of our second day at Disneyland in the parks. Little Traveller took a photo with Minnie once again and we waited in line for half an hour for the second time! 🙂 Besides, my daughter, who already loves the theater, the show, loved the live shows at Walt Disney Studios. We also saw a Disney Live show and a Disney Junior show.


We've been shopping and shopping in a lot of shops. I've probably got the least number of kids to ride, and I've passed the kids, they look very attractive to me 🙂


On our second day, we had the opportunity to watch the parade, which featured all the Disney characters we missed the previous day.


For dinner, we chose rain forest cafe in Disney Village, thinking of the children again. The food was classic American food and it was good. I'm thinking about the kids because the inside of this chain restaurant is decorated in the form of a rainforest, and even the effects of thunderand lightning when eating! At the entrance of the restaurant is a section where concept-appropriate items are sold.


After dinner, we made our way back to the park to watch the closing show. The show was really glamorous. The medieval castle, a symbol of Disneyland, was illuminated by colorful lights. Fireworks accompanied the show as pieces of famous Disney cartoons were projected onto the castle.

A Little Traveler


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