New Mexico: Taos-Santa Fe-Albuquerque-White Sands

by Defne

I'm going to try to share my impressions in the state of New Mexico, where we've been around for as many days this summer. It might be a bit of a long summer, so i'll warn you, take your coffee and start reading 🙂 First of all, why have we chosen a season that is so late from autumn and not suitable for a very long tour. At the end of november, the holiday is due to the day of sukran, and we wanted to value this holiday. We've decided to go to New Mexico, the nearest state and we want to see. New Mexico was both interested in being the state where the redskin was still protected and enacted, as well as the nature and the arts center. It might be better to make the most of the sunshine to make a trip to the spring or summer. At the end of the nov. When we started making our holiday plan, we first thought we'd drive from Dallas, but because the road was too long and it wouldn't be too comfortable with two kids, we decided to drive the car we rented to Albuquerque.

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Our first day plan was to take our car and go from Albuquerque to Taos. We decided to take the lunch break at Santa Fe, an hour away, as we reached Albuquerque on the evening. Maria's, a local and popular venue, is a perfect caftan for those looking for a New Mexican kitchen. It's a little out of the center of Santa Fe, but we chose it because it's on track. If you don't have to deal with the pain spices, you have to be careful in New Mexico, and even the food they say isn't in pain is a little pain. After dinner, we reached our hotel in Taos with a car otter for an hour. As soon as it got closer to Taos, the air got colder and snow began to appear on the ground. Our hotel, El Pueblo Lodge, was a successful hotel in Taos. If you're going to go in the sororties, I suggest you set up a room with a saucer. When we woke up the next day, everything was covered in snow from good to good, and the snow continued to rain. After having breakfast at the hotel, we set off for Taos Pueblo. There's a lot of Pueblo in New Mexico, so there's a small living lot of kerpic houses that used to be lived by locals. Taos Pueblo is the best known in these and still alive. When you get there, you park your car a few meters ago, and a little minibus is driving you to Pueblo. Vehicles are not allowed in Pueblo. When we visited, the air was so cold, there was snow and fog. That's why we couldn't see the mountains right behind Pueblo. The view we saw in the air force the next day was great.

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After a visit to Pueblo, our plan for that day was to make the Enchanted Circle route by car. Enchanted Circle (let's say it's also a route) is the name given to the road around Wheeler Peak, the highest peak in New Mexico. Detailed information can be found from myScenicDrives, which we have chosen the routes we will be travelling through. The day we made this rorta was a snow-like day. So there wasn't much of the weather to build a mountain route like this. If you're going to do this route, you'd better be on the road in a car with four ceker tires. Some parts of the roads were very cornered and uncleaned were covered with snow and ice. We completed the route in about three hours. Of course, stop and take a break. I felt like I was going skiing from Bolu to Kartalkaya while walking along this route:) It made us feel like we were walking around very familiar places with glass forests and landscapes, mountain views, woodforest houses and small towns. The red river was the town I likethered the most. Actually, it's also a small ski town. We've seen so many ski towns along this route that we've really surprised. Before i arrived, I thought only skied in Taos ski valley, whereas the Red River, Angel Fire, Sipapu, Sante Fe were all separate ski resorts.

nm6 nm7 nm8 It can also be very enjoyable to ski in the Red River or just rent a mountain house and take a kis holiday in this natural setting where deer graze. There's a lot of yuruyus route if it goes in the summer. When we move from the Red River, a moment later, it reaches one of the ghost towns, Elizabeth Town. It's in new Mexico, where it's been demolished, but it's a lot of people who've been painted and frozen into a ghost town like this. From now on, the part of the road to Taos has been a bit of a challenge for us. It was a dark, snow oil increased, and one of our kids kept a car on the bends. Anyway, we arrived at our hotel in Taos, unharmed and tired. If you say what you eat and drink on the road, it's not possible to find much along this route, so you'd better have to drink a lot of food with you and your gas is full. The phone is very rare, so it creates a different tension, but it's still worth seeing 🙂

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We chose the Martyrs in Taos to eat the evening. It's pretty elegant decoration, too. It's a little too elegant to go with the little kids, but luckily our parents didn't get too much of a place 🙂 We enjoyed the restaurant, which was already secluded due to the season and the weather. As with every boat, café or restaurant we have taken, we are overwhelmed with artworks on the walls. The next morning, we woke up to a great day with the sun. There was still snow on the ground, the air was cold, but as long as it was sun, there were no problems 🙂 After breakfast, we first toured the interior of Taos, a tiny old town, but with its traditional architecture, tiny dukans and art galleries, it's quite a lovely town. Then we went to see the Rio Grande Gorge bridge, which was very close to Taos. The Rio Grande is america's fourth-century economy. the largest river. Gorge bridge is a suspended kopru built on a deep canyon where the river activates. After breaking through, you can park your car and walk away. Even those who say you're not afraid of the highest when you look down in the middle can tremble a little bit. It was a thought that he was able to take the car on the side of the road where we parked it, and I saw an animal that I thought was a fox watching the empty. As we looked excitedly, locals who sold small souvenirs on the side of the road said they were coyote. In the days of our trip, we saw a few more coyotes.

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We continued our way from here to Espanola, off the 'High Road to Taos' route. This road is worth seeing the town of Chimayo. The fact that there are art galleries in the smallest bays has also been a matter of saskin for us. These towns, which we thought were more mobile in the summer months, were calm during the november ritual we visited. Very interesting authentic spaces with its historical churches, local architectures, small cafes and galleries. Then we moved on to Los Alamos from Espanola. The los Alamos atomic bomb is the town where the work begins and is still being walled. If you're interested in this, you're interested in bradbury science, a little banana, a little banana, a free entry and a lot of informative. If it's lunchtime, I'd recommend a nice blue window café. For that day, our goal was to continue with the Jemez Mountain Trail from Los Alamos. Mountain route in the sleuth. Unfortunately, when we moved from Los Alamos to the mountains, he started to make a profit again. We kept going for a while, but then we decided to pass this route. It's a long route, it's been said to be close in the next few months because it's very bendy and high for some of them. At least we'd like to see the town of Jemez Springs and the Jemez Indian Reserve, but it's not unflinched.

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When we gave up this route, we decided to go to Bandelier National Park. We didn't put this place on course because it was a national park with rock houses very similar to Cappadocia as much as we searched it online. It's actually a nice park where you can enjoy your yuruyu in a beautiful weather. Of course, the rock houses with ladders would be of interest to the children 🙂 We went to 'Inn at the Delta', the hotel where we were going to stay that night while it was getting dark. Our hotel was in Espanola. Normally, there's not much to see in this town, but since we planned to walk around Abiquiu the next day, we decided to stay in Espanola instead of getting down to Santa Fe. The hotel we stayed in was a very comfortable hotel with Spanish-style dosenmis and somines in their rooms. Many red-skinned artwere used in the decoration of the main building and breakfast hall, and the hotel workers loved a lot of pleasant conversation and help. The next day, after breakfast, we set off for Abiquiu first. Normally this path is not specified as a scenic path in the resources we find, but I don't understand why it wasn't specified. The reason i was intrigued by this abundance while I was researching for the trip was that i didn't really know that georgia oeffe, the unthinkable artist, lived in this abundance and was inspired by the nature of this abundance in her paintings. That's why we've added it to our course by saying we should see this place. I think it's got to be seen without a lot of good meat.

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First of all, you'll be seeing red-layered rocks along abiquiu road. When you continue to Ghost Ranch, you'll feel like you're completely brutal with the eagles on your hill. Ghost Ranch hosts archaeological excavation workshops in the spring and summer. It's a fossil paradise between layers of rocks. There's even a banana in this secluded town:) Dinosaur models were of a little interest to the kids. After we toured here, we headed for Santa Fe. Tesuque is a small but small town on the road. If you run the weekend, it's a flea market. Tesuque Village Market, a small place for eating and being followed by locals, is an interesting place. Coffee and pie can satisfy your needs 🙂 There's also a open-air art gallery in town, and I think it's worth seeing. After touring here, we continued to Santa Fe, parked our car near the Old Town and began searching the streets before we even got to the hotel.

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The suny and cold weather was still going on. The old town is quite small street by street, walking in and out of the dukcans for a few hours. Of course, it depends on how much time you spend in art galleries and how long you stay in bananas. Each courtyard promises other beauty. It's worth getting in and out of the courtyards of the buildings and plenty of dukans, and it's unclear where you're going to meet. It's really a maverick and inspiring place, Santa Fe. Then we sat in The Plaza Cafe Downtown, the most convenient place to sit with the children in the square right away for dinner. The food and service were very nice. Before the sun went down, we took our car and went to Guadalupe Street, where the galleries were concentrated in Santa Fe. We saw a lot of art galleries along a daracik street. With the sun setting and the burning of lights, it froze to an even more commanding place. After touring here, we thought we'd go to our hotel now, and at the end of a busy day we were all tired. On the one hand, our mind was still on tour, but when we threw a step into our hotel, we couldn't go back 🙂 Our hotel las palomas was a comfortable hotel 5 minutes from the centre. He had the most important somines, and that's enough to sit in the hotel room on a cold night. Actually, it wouldn't be right to say hotel room because there was a tiny kitchen. And when it happened, we took a lot of horses out of the store and enjoyed the room.

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The next morning, after breakfast again, we set off on a sun-gun. After we went to the Railyard plethora of Santa Fe and toured the kisaca, we headed from the Turquoise Trail to Albuquerque. The most must-see town on this route is Madrid. It's really authentic. It's a small town, you can walk half an hour and look at the dukans and keep your coffee on the road. We were on our way that night because we planned to stay in the town of Truth or Consequences, and we only drove in three hours from now on. The view along the way was always the same, and we didn't stop out of the breaks. Why did we stay in a small town like Truth or Consequences? Because the next day we were planning to go to White Sands, and it wasn't possible to do it the other way with two kids, especially before we got in the middle. The name of this town was actually the name of the radio show Truth or Consequences, which used to be hot spring. They call it Kisaca TC. There's something about seeing a few people around town. The VLA is also the scene of a lot of science fiction films with giant antennas. But we're going to have to leave the main road and get a lot of it, so we didn't go. The Geronimo Trail is a route where you can see a lot of ghost towns, but we don't have time. Caballo lake is an alternative to relaxing by taking a break and watching the stagnant water of the goal. As a matter of fact, we haven't done much in the neighborhood.

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When it got dark, we went to our hotel Sierra Grande Lodge and settled it down. This hotel is known for its pools and spasi filled with hot spring waters. Since there's nothing else to do in this town, we've enjoyed the spring waters and the span. There's only a few alternatives for dinner. There's nothing in this town, but there's an Italian restaurant 🙂 So we went to him and we were very pleased. The next day, we set off for White Sands on the day of sukran, a day of sun. We've never actually thought about it and we've investigated, but luckily it's not a national park holiday on sukran, which is normally a public holiday. We got to the national park in the strewn landscapes. Before we went to this abundance, it was necessary to check if the roads reached the national park were open. Fuze tests were carried out in the surrounding area, so it was closed from time to time. That's where we learned all this. White Sands is one of the most rare beings in the world. Goz alici is a white col dusk. Only jukka cactus in the fate of the gorus… On a suny day, it's a great view for photographers. Of course, I'm sure it'll be even better if you're there in the early hours of the morning or in my day. You can spend a few hours relaxing. If you visit in a kis ritual like us when you stir your feet and step into the sand, you feel a cold moist sand under your feet. But it's comforting… It's a good fun with kids who stir up the dunes and skate down. Or just walk away and enjoy the view.

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After our trip to White Sands, we continued on the road from alamogordo and carrizozo. If you have time and want to go down the mountain trail, the Billy the Kid trail is another route that can be built here. It wasn't our time. As soon as you freeze from Carrizozo to the west, the Valley of Fires state park is very different. The black rocks formed by volcanic eruptions and the fiskiran jukka among them are interesting. There is no service area on the road for the next hour of the road, gasoline, food, drink, toilet preparation is useful. We continued to albuquerque for the last night of our holiday. We stayed at doubltree by hilton. Because it was sukran day, most of the restaurants and restaurants were closed. We didn't do a private succan gun program. We ate turkey and pie at the hotel for dinner and we ate our 🙂

We left the hotel early the next morning. Since it happened after the afternoon, we had time to visit Albuquerque. Old Town was a 5-minute drive from our hotel. It's pretty cute and it looks a lot like santa fe old town. When the kids pinned them as dinosaur music, we went to the Museum of Natural History in New Mexico. It's become a banana where we've been touring the likes before, but we've learned new things again and we enjoy touring. After the banana, we went to old town and searched for a place to eat something. Church street café was quite satisfying. After dinner, we went between the streets and toured the dukcans. The glass tree that was silenced in all the squares because it was before Christmas and if you were lucky, Santa was also able to see it 🙂 It's fun for kids. After the old town trip, the family men wanted to see the Unser Racing Museum. A tiny banana, unser, is driving half of a family named Unser to bar their cars and equipment. Another fun for the kids 🙂 If you have time after bananas, Tiguex park is good to spend time outdoors. We've been there for a while, and we're on our way to the airport.

So we've been busy for six days, but we've come to the end of a very good trip:)

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