Paris in 3 days

by Defne

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In this article, I will try to explain how and how much to visit Paris in 3 days. I think our trip started when we stepped into the famous Paris metro after landing at Paris airport. Don't say subway, it was the largest area I've ever seen, and it's a complex subway. Unlike what we're used to in regular countries like Germany and Austria, you get used to it after a while, even though we're particularly dirty and old.

Our hotel was a penthouse on the Champs-Elysees and the view was 🙂 Etoile It was very comfortable and central. Finding hotels in Paris can be a problem in high season, hotels are small and prices are expensive, but we enjoyed going in the season. We immediately settled in the hotel and started our trip. After walking along the Champs-Elysees a little walk, we went to the Le Marais region by metro, in this area, also known as the Jewish quarter, our Paris book had given beautiful walking routes, the streets were not very crowded due to the weekday and winter, I'm sure the summer it's getting a lot more mobile. There are many boutiques, vintage shops, restaurants and cafés in this area. To a small café i read on a blog for dinner ("la loir dans la theiere", 3 Rue des Rosiers 75004. Subway St. Paul ) sat down, it was a lovely place, but there was no English-speaking waiter who would help us as they didn't have English menus, so we didn't know what to eat. When we encountered the same situation in a few other cafes in that area, we sat in the English menu and cute place we found first and ate our delicious meals. Then we went to the louvre museum, sat in a café to relieve fatigue and walked around the Louvre museum after taking a macaron and coffee break, we decided not to enter any museums during this trip because we had little time, we did not enter the Louvre. For museums, in the future, the 2nd World War is going to be We'll have a tour of Paris now 🙂 When the weather went down, we went back to the Champs-Elysees and looked at some shops, there's a lot of shops around here for those who want to shop. In fact, it is possible to shop while strolling all over Paris. There are so many shops and shops. If you go one day, I'm sure you'll be back 🙂 Anyway, after our little shopping tour, it was time for dinner, we saw it in the morning, we went straight to the Italian restaurant near the hotel, luckily we were able to find a place without reservation, and then it became so crowded that I guess we unknowingly turned it into a popular restaurant ( ). There weren't many varieties on the menu, but the food was pretty tasty. I'm stuck with the pasta they served, especially after pouring hot spagett into the huge parmesan wheel and getting the cheese well.

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On the second day, we were waiting for a busy schedule again. As the first route we identified the Saint-Germain des pres, we went to this area by metro and sat down for breakfast in "Les deux Magots", one of the famous cafes at the exit of the metro stop, the French generally don't eat much variety for breakfast, just kurosan and coffee is enough for them, sometimes even just coffee. We've been a little more generous to ourselves 🙂 At this point, i can't mention French bread, they're so delicious that you can even eat bread alone! After breakfast, we walked on the Saint-Germain route, which was given in our book again, a very lively area with shops, streets and cafes. The first time we met with Laduree ( was in this area, and we continued to walk after spending some time at this bakery famous for its macarons and cakes. Then we crossed into notre-dame area and toured the cathedral and the area. The cathedral was really impressive. You walked a little along the river and crossed one of the bridges to the Latin neighborhood, which became one of the areas I liked most. It's very colorful with its narrow streets and lovely traditional restaurants and cafes. We just thought of eating fondue, and luckily, there were tourist fondue restaurants in the area. If you're interested, you can sit in one of these restaurants around Saint Severin. I would recommend what snail is like and you can taste it and eat fondue, i think it was quite tasty in my opinion that we tried the snail for the first time. Fondue is served a little differently when it is in Switzerland in France Normally the fondue we ate with stale bread pieces this time was served with boiled potatoes logic you dip the same potato in melted cheese and eat in every way a nice I think it's going to eat. But the less scented cheese, the more I like it. Besides these dishes, of course, i'm at your wedding because i haven't had much of a drink during this trip, including fine wines:) We looked after the meal and the weather was fine compared to January (it was always around 6-7 degrees for 3 days) let's go up to monmarte hill. We also went to that area by metro and used funiculares to get to the top, it is also possible to take the stairs if desired. This area is my second-in-the-world city in Paris. It was my favorite area, a lovely area with painters, cafes, lovely streets. I'm sure the summer is much more mobile and enjoyable.  


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We tracked the half-book route down the street from Monmarte and lost our halfway and found ourselves in the Moulin Rouge. By the way, we're so tired that we threw ourselves at starbuck just across the Moulin Rouge. We said, "Give your hand shopping and we went to the Hausmann area, you can visit many of the big shops and the famous Gallery Lafayette in this area. The shops were so crowded and people were frantically shopping that I was surprised. I guess there's winter discounts everywhere. Japanese tourists in particular were attacking Chanels, which sold for 500 euros even at a discount, which they thought were being distributed free 🙂 I don't like shopping in these discount periods and in the crowd, we still did a little shopping. We sat randomly in a café near Opera for dinner, the food wasn't bad, we were so tired we couldn't take one step further and look for another place.

We started our last day in Paris by waking up energetically early again, today it's light rain, but we still have places we haven't visited. First we had breakfast in a café near the hotel and then went to "puces de Vanves", one of the flea markets. It's quite comfortable to get by metro, but I don't like it very much. I like to visit flea markets in the cities I go to, I have visited many flea markets so far, maybe the weather is a little rainy and gloomy, and this market has not opened me up much. We didn't spend much time here and went to the Eiffel tower, walked around the tower and took plenty of pictures, found a tiny Spanish Tapas bar and sat down, there was no one but us, the waiter took care of us closely, told the appetizers, chatted After a short, warm and cute break, we continued our walk, walked around the opera zone and toured shops, passages, shops and cafes were very crowded because it was Saturday. We thought we'd take a afternoon break in Laduree, there was a queue in front of him, and we still waited and managed to sit down. But it was definitely worth it, the environment, the macarons, the cakes are everything so beautiful it's definitely a bakery that needs to go and there are branches in almost every part of Paris before you go to look at the website. Then we continued our walking and shopping tour. I talked about eating and drinking all the time, but it happens in winter, and I think it's like it's cold, and you throw yourself in a café or restaurant as you get cold, and you're throwing yourself into a café or restaurant, and we went to "Leon de Bruxelles" the famous mussel "Leon de Bruxelles" on the Champs-Elysees for dinner with J Anyway ( ). We're very pleased that you have the chance to go to this restaurant chain in a bit of fast-food air only in Paris and Brussels. If you like seafood, I say don't miss it. There are a variety of mussels. That's how it went for three days in Paris. It was possible to visit this whole city in 3 days with a very busy sightseeing, food and beverage and shopping program and, of course, the ease of transportation provided by the metro.

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a markets: B ir restaurant recommended by my friend but we did not have the opportunity to go:www.flobrasseries.comeveryone 🙂 




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