Australian #1 – Sydney

by Defne
In this article, I will try to explain Sydney, the first stage of our Australian adventure. Until recently, Australia was only on our dream one day and on the list of things to see. Until my crazy brother went over there with his wife and settled in. With their departure, we were now ready to go. We started to plan our plans months before the trip, and first we planned the flight and then the accommodation. At the end of our investigations, we decided on Etihat airlines, the Ankara-Istanbul-Abu Dhabi-Sydney flight lasted about 25 hours. Since we made our trip with our two young sons, we planned the whole holiday accordingly. It may sound crazy, but we completed our three-week vacation without problems and unharmed. We arrived in Sydney on an evening of October after a long and tiring journey. Why is it october, both the holiday, the spring of Australia, and the time when the jellyfish haven't invaded the beaches yet. It's a pretty windy weather in Sydney, and my brother and his wife 🙂 After longing, we took a taxi and went to our house in Bronte Beach, where we stayed for 9 days. I say it's our home because we've embraced the house we found through Airbnb like our own home during the holidays and we've been very comfortable.
The reason we chose Bronte beach to stay first was because my brother was close to his house at Bondi beach. In fact, if it wasn't for my brother, we'd have decided where we would be in Sydney, and we probably wouldn't be out of the city centre, which would have restricted us to exploring Sydney. Sydney is quite a big city and has many beautiful neighbourhoods. In a total of 11 days, we toured almost everywhere, but if we had more time, there were places to travel even more. Our days generally began by waking up early due to both jetlag and children, filling what we would need that day in their backpacks and then going to one of the beautiful cafes my brother chose for breakfast. On our first morning, we went to the Three Blue Ducks in Bondi for breakfast. If you ask what a classic Australian breakfast is, avocado slices on toast, ricotta and pouched egg (a kind of egg's crispy form), as well as a lot of American cuisine, are usually coffee-drinking for breakfast and coffee. They're pretty good, too. Even though I've tried a few different coffee stryers, I'm not surprised i'm drinking lattes for the sake of latte art. We went to the city centre after a half-hour journey. We got off the bus at Circular quay and first walked towards the Opera House, sydney's symbol, and on the first day we saw the building from the outside, and we had the opportunity to explore it later in the holidays. Then we spent some time at the Royal Botanic Garden, right next to the Opera House, and it's possible to see it here from the huge big-bodied trees. It's a pretty big park, we went to the grass after a walk and rested, enjoyed the sunny weather. After we've energized, we've walked through Circular Quay and walked through the Rocks area, there are shops selling many classic-style Australian products in the area. After a long walk, we reached Hyde Park, took our food and drinks from the far eastern kitchen stands set up in the park as part of Good Food Month and hung out outdoors. When it got dark and their children started to sleep, we decided to go home and collect energy for the next day.
2. The day jetlag hit well, we all woke up at 2-3 pm and didn't sleep for a while, then we slept, this time it was hard to get up in the morning:) Anyway, the brothers woke us up and we walked to bronte beach for breakfast and sat in one of the cafes. After spending a lot of time on the beach against the ocean after breakfast, we reached Bondi beach after about an hour of oceanside walk. We also had the opportunity to observe daily life across the coast in Sydney. The houses against the modern chic ocean, the "6 pack" teenagers, beautiful girls, above all happy, constantly laughing people 🙂 Throughout this landscape, the sound of waves in our ears that hit the ocean's beach and the idea of never getting bored with this view and this sound in my head…
Bondi is one of Sydney's most famous surf beaches. There are usually lifeguards on the beaches, and swimming in the area they set with 2 flags is also free. The one who can swim. It's very choppy, so it's more suitable for surfing than swimming. On the other hand, if you have a fear of sharks, you may never want to go into the sea. We've chosen to spread a bit on the grass before and chat against the view. We walked on the beach, we played with the waves, we admired the murals adorning the walls along the beach. After spending almost all day on the beaches, we went to Sefa restaurant in Bondi where my brother worked for dinner. Sefa is a small but very cute place serving Middle Eastern cuisine, and the food was quite tasty.
Our plan for the next two days is to drive to Sydney, a three-hour drive from the Blue Mountains, and then travel to the Hunter Valley, famous for its vineyards and wines, to spend the night there and spend the night at Stockton beach near New Castle the next day. The sand dunes was to see the dunes, which are some kind of desert formation. First in the morning we had a nice breakfast at Chez Dee and then we set off with our big car, which we rented, and two children with 4 adults. The Blue Mountains are known as Australia's Grand Canyon. It's a really impressive formation, the difference from the Grand Canyon in America is that it's a green canyon completely covered in trees.
The Blue Mountains is called entirely eucalyptus — also known as "Gum tree"– covering the canyon like a bluish cloud of eucalyptus evaporated from trees in the area covered with trees. There are many hiking routes in the very grand canyon. If you just want to see the view and take short walks like us, you can park your car in Katoomba and watch the "3 sisters" cliffs and canyon views, and then cross the skyway offered by Scenic world, railway you can try the steepest railway and take short walks along the routes in the forest. After the trip, you can dine in town, i can't say it's too cute for an old American town town. There aren't many cafes and restaurants, there aren't many shops except for a few vintage stores. We sat in the restaurant that looked the cutest and tried kangaroo burgers! I don't know if I recommend it. It's a pretty hard meat. But it can be tried to be tried.
We made it to the Hunter Valley in the afternoon. We stopped at a few winemakers and tasted and bought wine.
After driving through the roads passing through the farms with plenty of idyllic views, then at sunset
We waited on the plain where the kangaroos came to graze. Indeed, seven or eight Kangaroos arrived just during the sunset.
Unfortunately, we didn't get too close because they were running away. It was a really different experience to watch them in their natural habitat.
Then we went to the farm called Carriages, where we would stay after we shopped for a barbecue in the evening. The farmhouse between the vineyards was quite satisfying accommodation with its lovely rooms and breakfast.
3. After completing our day in this way, we will be able to go to the 4th century. We woke up early on the day and set off after a nice breakfast. Our first plan was to go to New Castle and then to Stockton Beach ( Sand Dunes). But it took us longer than we expected. The reason was actually the frequent wildfire in Australia every year and in the summer. We've seen a lot of fires during our trip. The fire near New Castle was right the way we wanted to cross and we had to extend our way. So we took a break at New Castle for lunch and sat down at a burger joint. It's true that we eat plenty of burgers on our trip to Australia. Their burgers are really nice, and because meatballs are at its core, the kids love them a lot, 🙂
After dinner, we walked along the beach, spent time in children's parks and beach, and then moved to Stockton beach. Stockton beach is quite a long beach. To reach the beach, we managed to drive to a point where we continued the dirt road and parked our car at the points where the road began to be suitable for "4×4" and reached the beach by walking 10-15 min. If you have children with you at this point, you'll need to use bags designed to carry children on the back. When we reached the dunes, we couldn't be affected, a formation that really makes you feel like you're in the desert. If it wasn't for the ocean view far away, you might even believe you're in the desert.
There's nothing to do but walk or offroad in the dunes. But it's worth going to see. After about an hour, we're on our way back to Sydney. We finally got to Sydney after an hour's drive. To get rid of the after-work traffic, we immediately sat in an Italian restaurant in the Italian quarter at the entrance of the city. We threw ourselves tired again, and the next day, the same pace was waiting for us. 5. We went to The Grounds for breakfast on today's morning, a very popular and charming place in the Alenxandria area. It was pretty crowded because it was the weekend. It's got a nice menu and the coffee's great. You can try different coffees, you're in Sydney for a long time, you can take the Latteart course that i'm thinking about again in this place. We planned to spend the aftermath of breakfast in paddington and the surrounding stake. 2. After breakfast. We spent a lot of time at the hand market. It's possible to find all kinds of things to meet all kinds of needs. From toys for kids to toys, junk, antiques, household items. If you are going to build a new house in Sydney, you can easily buy accessories from these markets.
After Sunday's day, we walked all over Paddington. A 2-3 hour walk takes you to Hyde Park, where you can enter the shops. A very pleasant and lively neighborhood with shops, boutiques and cafes selling lots of design products. We went that way this afternoon to visit the opera house. When the current director of the Opera House was a Turk who has lived in Sydney for many years, and at the same time when an acquaintance knew him, we saw the opera house in detail. It's a very modern and impressive building compared to the years it was really built. Sydney's icon
He really deserves to be. After our 1-hour tour, we sat in a pub with a garden in The Rocks for dinner. It turns out the pub is kind of a self-baking place 🙂 You pick your meat from the inside and cook it at a gas barbecue in the garden, and you eat as many salads as you want, and of course beer. The place was also convenient for spending time with the children, and we felt like we went out at night because it was the pub at its core 🙂 After this long day and night, we went home.
6. The plan for today was to go to Shark Bay and Nielson Park. After having breakfast at home in the morning, we went to the beach. It's quite crowded because it's Sunday, and on the beach, we found ourselves a place under the big trees and spread the children. Some of us have entered the ocean, but it's called "Shark bay," which is in danger of sharks, which they've turned part of the beach into nets, people swim in that area, so they're protected from sharks!
Besides the pleasure of the sea, like many people, we spent most of the day picnicking there. It was also very enjoyable to spend time in the shade of the large-bodied 1,000-year-old trees in Nielson Park, the back of the beach.
We went to Coogee beach for dinner, and we found Churrasco, a Brazilian barbecue, by chance, by stopping a place to eat in the bay, which is said to be quite popular among young people. We loved the Brazilian barbecue we experienced for the first time. You get as much meat as you can, until you say stop. Some are very delicious, some are a bit strange but generally quite successful concept. After dinner, we barely threw ourselves into the house, overblown.
BC Today, the plan was to spend the whole day in Manly beach. Sydney is so big and there are so many beaches to see that we haven't finished the trip every day again. You have to go downtown before you can go to Manly beach. Manly is possible in half an hour by ferry from Circular Quay. It's as if Manly is also quite touristy in the air of a separate place of disregard. There are many souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants. As soon as we got there, we went to the beach, and we got into the ocean. If you want to surf, it's possible to rent it here. We didn't dare try. After he spent the lunch on one of the benches lined up along the walking path just behind the beach. We left the beach to visit the shops and shops.
It is possible to find beautiful souvenirs or surfer-style clothes suitable for cottage use. However, I suggest you make your souvenir purchases at Paddy's Market in Sydney. I'm going to talk about him in more detail. We sipped our beers at the Pub on the ferry pier while we waited for our ferry before returning to Sydney. We're going to be cairns passengers the next day, so we've returned to our homes and made our road preparations. I'll tell you in detail in detail with a separate article about our nine days in Cairns and the Whitsundays. But since we spent the last two days before that in Sydney again, I want to tell that part in this article. The Whitsunday return was close to Darling harbour for two nights in Sydney and we wanted to breathe the mood of the city centre. Novotel is comfortable for 2 nights of stay and suitable for location. Since our hotel is very close to China town, we toured China town on the first day on foot. There are nice Asian restaurants in China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, malay whatever you want. We ate at a small Hong Kong restaurant called Old Town on the first day.  The atmosphere was lovely and the food was delicious. We've tried different things we've never tried before. Then we walked to Darling Harbour and saw all the lights and vitality as it was dark. There are many restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs on the beach, shops for shopping. Cottonon was one of my favorite stores. Especially the children's department.  In addition to the outfit, there are colorful bags and pencil boxes to appeal to the child inside 🙂 With the weather cooling off after getting tired and the fact that there are shorts on us no matter how much the weather (an Aussie always wears shorts :)) we took our hot coffee and made our way to the hotel. The next day we went to Double Roasters for breakfast in the morning. Another lovely place.
After a nice breakfast, we went to Bondi beach. We had a picnic on the grass against the ocean view. We strolled around China Town and Darling Harbour again in the afternoon. Since we have a return plane to Turkey on the evening of the next day, we tried to devote our last day to shopping as much as possible. After breakfast, we went to Paddy's Market and wandered for about 2 hours. It's a market area with 100 different booths set in a very large area. All kinds
in addition to souvenirs, there is also a clothing and electronics derivative. After shopping, we visited the Power house museum. It's an interesting museum for children and for the elders. Finally, we went back to Darling Harbour. People who came to the family because it was Saturday and because the weather was so beautiful. The most comprehensive and creative children's park I've ever seen in my life was here. I can't tell you how the kids were having fun with their bathing suits in the kids' pool. Our kids immediately adapted to the fun:) After our last day in Sydney, which was full and exhausting, we took our bags and set our 30-hour journey waiting for us. We spent 11 days in Sydney for the three most adventurous weeks of our lives. The other part of the adventure 🙂 the next article
plenty of adventurous nice holidays


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