New Year's Eve in Dipsizgöl

by Defne

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Dipsizgöl area located within the boundaries of Ilgaz mountain national park is really worth seeing. There is also accommodation in a lovely motel and several bungalow-style huts. ( ).  Since we went with a large group of friends who stayed in the cabin on the winter day, i.e. we had some difficulties. Of course, staying in the rooms in the main building, where the restaurant is the best, is the first thing you have to pay attention to if you go.

Let's go to our two-day event. We set off early on December 31 and arrived from Ankara to Dipsizgöl with a passenger of 2.5-3 hours, and after settling into our rooms and huts, we did a little exploratory walk around the lake. The sunny weather, but the snowy surroundings, has created a conducive environment for snowball battles. We started as a crowd of people walking to the nearby summit and constantly fighting snowball 🙂 There were people who reached the top, and we all had a lot of fun. When we got back, we were waiting for hot wines and fragrant sausage breads…

We're getting ready for christmas dinner on my mind. We're prepared to be in a room where four or five girls are ready to play bye:) The food, the fireplace, the dances were very nice. We entered the new year with our loved ones and fireworks in the fire we lit on the snow. Then we signed a lot of crazy fun from sliding down the hill in front of the motel with a plastic bag 🙂 We're lucky we didn't break our heads, our arms, but I'd like to point out that a friend from the other group has broken his head. I mean, i guess it didn't make much sense to ski in the snow with that head. Anyway, after this beautiful night, we had a good sleep with the anesthetic effect of the mountain weather.


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The next day we completed our trip with a nice breakfast and then again with the walks around. We set our way back to Ankara around noon.

There's only 12 days left in 2007. It's a wedding because it's been so fast for a year. Let's see how we get into this year, what awaits us in 2007… I hope it'll be a beautiful, happy, healthy, abundant year for all of us, and i':)

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Love to everyone


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