Cappadocia, Baloons and Underground Cities

by Defne

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How long has it been since I have gone to Cappadocia… I didn’t know it changed so much, it was getting better and beautiful. In addition to its natural beauty, it has been a very pleasant and full time with its hotels, restaurants, cafes and activities that can be done. If you have never been to Cappadocia before, you need at least 3-4 days to visit all over you. If you’ve gone before, you can explore and do different activities with a different eye than previous times.

Cappadocia is mainly a few regions. Avanos, Goreme, Urgup, Uçhisar, Ihlara valley and underground cities region. Mustafa Pasha , formerly known as Sinasos – which is not far from Urgup, has many restoration works at the moment, I am sure it will be a very nice town in a few years. There are many different, nice and boutique hotel options for accommodation compared to the old years. My advice is to stay in one of the rock hotels while you’re gone. There are such rock hotels in Urgup and Goreme. We stayed in the House of Angels and were very pleased. “Yunak houses” he mentioned earlier in the LIA article could be another alternative. .. /modules/articles/article.php?id=104 . If you want to stay in Sinansos there is a very pleasant mansion hotel called “Rose Mansions”.

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I would like to talk about alternative activities that can be done in Cappadocia more. Short information for first-time visitors: Uçhisar castle should be taken, Goreme and Zelve open-air museums should be visited, at least one underground city should be seen and walk in the valley of lovers. Unlike all of these, we did the balloon trip we had dreamed of for a long time. It’s a bit creepy and expensive (we’ve heard there are people who get on the bargain for 80 euros per person, but they gave us a more expensive price) even if it’s a trip I’d definitely recommend. For a balloon trip, you need to book your place a day in advance and get up at 6:00 that morning. The balloon company you’re agreeing to picks you up from your hotel in the morning and takes you to the balloon launch site. According to the weather, the course of the balloon will be set that day. After half an hour of preparation, 14 to 16 people ride the balloon and the balloon leaves. After going 300-350m high and traveling a little, you dive into the magnificent Cappadocia valleys and travel for 1 hour with very pleasant views.

Another activity that can be done is ride along the Red. Starting from the “Akhal teke” facility near Avanos, you go through the village roads, continue from the edge of Kizilmak and return after an hour’s tour. There’s no risk, horses are highly educated and docile. And you don’t have to know how to ride or ride before. Even if you’re a professional, horses go one line like ropes, and they never cross a horse in front. The guide goes from the front, and you follow him.

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If these activities don’t suit you, then you may be interested in an hour-long offing with AVs that can be rented from Goreme. It is absolutely very enjoyable and you have the opportunity to see the places that Cappadocia does not see. Again, if you start the ATV tour with a guide about 1-1.5 hours before sunset, you can be at the top of Goreme at the exact sunset and watch the view. Another alternative to sunset is the Red Valley. You go down the hill with a 20-minute walk and you can sit in the wine house there and drink wine(c. (Unfortunately, there was no one in the facility when we left, but it looked nice).

Other activities may be hiking and cycling, but we didn’t have time for this on our trip this time. In recent years I have been to ihlara valley for a walk twice, it was a beautiful route, but you can also walk or ride a bike in the valleys between Goreme-Uçhisar-Urgup between the fairy chimneys.

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After all these activities, on the last day of your trip, if you like Hamam, you can go to the bath house, which has a historical and female mixed hammam in Urgup. Clean and nice hammam. The focus of many tourists is also.

My advice for flue food: Dimrit and Ziggy’s in Urgup. The house of angels’ food and the atmosphere is also very nice. If you want to get food, you have to tell me in the morning. For a drink on the upper earth, you can sit on the terrace of the “Landscape café” in Goreme. It’s a local business and the food is a bit amateur, I think just for something and enjoy the view.good trips 🙂



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