Ilgaz (9-11 February 2007)

by Remi

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3 weeks ago, we attended a 3-day trip to Ilgaz with a large group. It's been a really enjoyable weekend for us with night and day, and i can even say it's stuck in our taste, J

Let's start at the hotel where we stayed…. We made our 2-night stay at Ilgaz Mountain Resort. The hotel is intertwined with nature and snow-covered forest in ilgaz national park area. Accommodation is made in 88 apartments built in the style of Safranbolu houses. Inside the rooms is a small kitchen, a seating group, a table, a TV and a section with lockers. By the way, the kitchens even have a microwave and a dishwasher! Therefore, during your stay, you can prepare meals yourself and enjoy a barbecue if you wish. But I'd say the hotel's food is also very nice. If you say don't bother with the food, the hotel's food is also very tasty and…

The restaurant, cinema, indoor swimming pool, sauna, hammam, games room etc. where morning, lunch and dinner are served as a buffet (I am sure there are sections or activities I can't count yet) is a different part of the apartment. He's gathered in the building. Other than that, there is a ski house on the other side of the hotel and the "Log Bar", which we have a lot of fun with. And there's a supermarket right next to the hotel where you can find almost anything. Food, drink, clothes, whatever you're looking for… We had a pleasant time with drinks on the side of the hotel before the "Log bar" after buying cognac, liquor and beer from the after-dinner market on our first night. Again, winter and mountain weather are a little cold… So as soon as we ran out of drinks, we threw ourselves into our warm and eatined bar.

Finally, I'd like to make a few suggestions:

– I recommend dressing floor-to-floor and taking nice things with you, as both inside the property and the rooms are very warm. And because it's cold outside, you don't sweat in there, you don't get cold out there.

– Do not return without stopping by the log bar! There's live music, the prices are very reasonable… In the meantime, I say from Ahmet, listen to a Kenan Doğulu song. I would also recommend eating sausage bread at the bar exit. You can't stand it when you smell the sausage, J.

– When you wander into the back of the apartments (sink into the snow), you are waiting for an area without light and intertwined with the forest. From here, when you look at the sky, you can admire the brightness of the stars. Only if you make a lot of noise here like us, you can be warned by guests staying in nearby apartments on the condition that they are hit in the window! Not everyone comes to have fun day and night like our group!

– If you prefer to walk instead of shuttle on the way to the baby lift, which is not too much distance (of course, with your normal boots), after walking for 5 minutes there is a super place to view on your right side. A friend of ours from the group has advised us to see this place many times, but unfortunately we don't have time to go here from the ski- up. I hope to the next one… In the meantime, i give the web address in case anyone wants to get detailed information about the hotel, except for what I wrote:

Long story short, we had a fun, enjoyable, full weekend. We have new trips…

Note on prices:

Baby lift (unlimited) / daily > 5 USD

Ski+ski shoes+baton rent / daily > 25 YTL

1 hour ski lesson (with group of 12 people) / per person > 20 YTL

(Thanks to the efforts of a friend in ski rental and ski class and because we are a crowded group, we have received discounts, you may not find the same prices for individual rentals!)


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