Kiev Guide, A Short Trip

by yaww

After living in Kiev for 2.5 years, i can write today about Kiev. The removal of visas is now the capital of Ukraine, which receives more visitors, among the cheap and nearby cities to see. When I wrote this article it was $1 = 8 UAH, I'll give the prices with local grivna but you can calculate it according to the new lottery without going.

I have processed all the places Mentioned in this article to the Google Earth file, where you can download the Kiev.kmz file.

When you get to the city, you pass through passport control without any problems, but it's worth knowing the address of your place of stay. You can exchange your currency at the airport, the exchange will not be damaging. In Ukraine, the streets are not used for $and €, so it's good to get local money Grivna or Hrivna (UAH, GRV, HRV). There is no clean banknote selection disease seen in other Soviet countries, they'll cash in the kind of money you want.

Ukraine is a very modern and liberal country compared to other Soviet countries. And it's safe. As long as you don't try to get you in trouble, you'll be fine. You can easily visit the central places at night.

Taxi taxis from the airport go to the center to about 230 UAH. Or there with you saying, "Nado the taxi? (do you need)" you can negotiate around 200 UAH sits. You won't find a taxi with a taxi in Kiev anywhere else. Taxis are either the ones you negotiate on the road, or what you call by phone. If someone who speaks Russian calls a taxi for you, you know where to go, and you know how much you'll pay beforehand. If you are going to take taxis around the bargain, urban travel is usually around 40-50 UAH. Taxis in Kiev are not very distinguishable, as taxi drivers in their own car are also very much, so you may have to pick up your hand and wait.

If you choose a hotel for accommodation, it may be quite expensive. The Radisson and Premier Palace are expensive hotels in the city centre. If you don't speak Russian, i suggest you make it more comfortable and pay less for an apartment hotel with a Sherborne Guest House (5 minutes to Arsenalna metro) Reception. Don't worry when you get into the apartments, they all look neglected and bad because the inside of the apartments still owns the state. But the houses are very well built. If you are going to rent an apartment, you can set it up by trusting the site, the owner will help if you give my friend Tanya my name (Yavuz).

In Kiev, you can easily use the metro (red-blue-green lines) (up to 12:00 a.m. It allows you to travel comfortably as a stranger and is cheap (2 UAH). In the past, the signs were only in Russian, but because of EURO2012, there is now English. Divides Kiev into two of the Dnipro river, right (praviy bereg) and left collar (leviy bereg). You won't have to switch to the left side (i.e. east) except your airport.

I'll try to classify the places to go and visit:

Historical attractions to visit during the day:

Peçersk Lavra church – This historic church complex, considered the religious center of Ukraine, must be visited. You can walk to Arsenal from the metro station. Lavra also has a miniature museum inside, you will not believe what can be done with hair-sized objects. Also see the church, which was established underground under the Stalin era, where religion was suppressed.
Rodina Mat (Mother of Ukraine) is a large landmark statue of women resembling the Statue of Independence in New York. You can walk very close to Lavra in 5 minutes, or even rodina mat's sword is said to be shortened because it is higher than the church. There's a war museum under Rodina Mat and in the garden, so I suggest you take a tour. Lavra and Rodina Mat will take your day 1/2-1.

In the meantime, you can go to Shooters Cafe for a lunch (Moskovskaya Street 22), both close and beautiful on the terrace serves delicious and affordable international cuisine.

Maydan Nezaleznosti (maydan for short) and Krishatik Street – at one end of Krishatik Street, which is considered the center of the city, have Independence Square (Maydan) and Bessarabska Square at the other end. It is reached by rifatic and Maydan metro stops. You can spend your full day around here. Krishatik Street is closed to traffic on weekends, making it even more colorful with concerts and attractions. You can visit the shops and relax in the cafes on Goroteskogo (Goradetskava) Street next to the conservatory building after visiting the Mayda. Under Maydan there are Globus and Underground Bazaars of Metrograd under Bessarabska. Bessarabskiy Rinok (closed market place) is also a colorful and historic place on the Bezarabska side. Located at The Croist 44, Art Club is a beautiful live music venue in 44evenings. In the castle, you can have a beer on the street.
When you walk up from the middle of Krishatik Street, you reach the Golden Gate and Opera House. Golden Gate is a large building of rebuilt wood, which was once the entrance to the city. You can find beautiful cafes and restaurants nearby. 100 m to The Golden Gate. Be sure to see the Opera House away and then Tarasa Sheşenko University Building on Street. If you have time to flow, I recommend going to the opera (usually ukrainian)

A?? klar Bridge Kiev

I recommend visiting the park to the right of the road, which descends from Maydan to the riverside area called Podol. Inside the park is a rainbow monument called the Brotherhood of Nations (a gift from the Russians), the Dynamo Kiev Stadium, the Lovers' Bridge. Lovers Bridge, a wooden footbridge passing through the street, a little scary, but you can see the hanging locks hung by lovers everywhere. When you go a little further and enter Marinskiy Park, you reach the observation point with the magnificent Dnipro view. Find the stairs that go down the riverbank through the same park and cross the single pedestrian bridge on Dnipro and watch the river, enjoy the beach across the street if the weather is nice.


Let's continue our trip by going from Maydan to the up-and-coming churches area. There are two incredibly beautiful Orthodox Churches in this area. First, the entrance to St. Michael, which you see on your right, is free. You can go a little further to the left and enter St. Sophia church with a similar but paid entrance. I recommend having a drink on the roof of the hyatt hotel in between and enjoying the view.
St Sophia Church St Michael's Church


Andreevsky Spusk Yoku?u Let's go from behind the Church of St Michel, Adreevsky Spuska (uphill) and walk down this albanian-lifted road down the road, descending into Kiev's oldest Podol neighborhood. Handicrafts and souvenir stands are set up on weekends on this hill. I couldn't visit the Andreevsky church you'd see on the right as we landed, it was always under renovation, but it looked amazing. There are also stairs on your right and left where you can climb up to the hills and view the scenery. This is the end of the yoku, and you're coming to Podol to Contratova Square.

From here you will take a pleasant walk on the main street with the restaurants on the right and come to Poçtova square. You will also see the Turkish Tike restaurant on your right on the road. In the future, Shooters has another branch, the terrace is enjoyable. Or when you reach the end of the street you can sit on the roof of the Riviera Hotel on your right with beautiful views. From there you can take the metro to other places, walk uphill and return to Maydan (a pleasant way) or walk on Naberejnaya Boulevard (on the riverside boulevard).

In addition to these writings, the very old single-storey house where the famous Ukrainian writer Tarasa Sheşenko lives can be seen near Maydan, while tarasa sheşenko museum can be seen on Bulvar Sheşenko. Besides, the circus is a culture where we're a bit foreign, but there are circus buildings built in Soviet countries. I would also recommend buying vinegar tickets in Kiev and leaving, in the center. Podol has a Chernobyl museum, but both small and everything russian (if you're related to Chernobyl, read this article)

Restaurants and nightclubs (option unlimited but I've written the principals):

Ukrainski Stravi: Among the me?hur local dishes of Ukraine, we can count Vareniki (the largest of our mantle, mince, mushroom, potato) be Bori Soup. Make sure you stop by this great fast food restaurant in Bessarabska.

D-lux: The oldest and most luxurious nightclub in Kiev. It's a good idea to dress properly when you leave. The entrance fee is not high, but if you want to deall ingenue at the nightclub, you may need to overlook $500-600. The lounge part is also nice. Video

Caribbean: A beautiful, fun Latino disco, usually dominated by foreigners. If you set up a table for a deposit, you'll be more comfortable.

Avalon: Both restaurant, disco and karaoke. It's a fun place.

Shooters: The 24-hour terrace restaurant is quite enjoyable, I think here's the best sushi in town. He's a Turkish operator. They often cause problems when entering the disco, especially if it is found that you are Turkish. If you pretend to know the people at the door shaking their hands and give 50-60 UAH, you can get in more easily. Podol also only has the Cafe version.

Arena Complex: This building in Bessarabska has many porshe restaurants and nightclubs. At Arena Beer House, you can try your own productions beer.

TGI Fridays: I don't know why, it's a place I go and love everywhere. Bessarabska again.

Sushi: We thought sushi was Japanese, but when we left, we knew it was from Ukraine. Almost every restaurant has sushi. Try Murakami and Sushiya, though, has branches in many places.

Buddhabar: You can have a nice time in Buddhabar, near Maydan, expensive but no entrance fee. The upstairs lounge part is nice.

Dockers Pub: At the end of the passage at No.15 for hard rock lovers.

Myaso i Vino (Meat and Wine): A nice steak restaurant, close to Bessarabska, opposite the Ferrari Gallery.

Concorde: Luxury restaurant with beautiful views of Kiev in Lva Tolstogo square

Aroma Cafe: Again in the center, a pleasant café. I marked it on the Google Map map.

Art Club 44: Pub-restaurant with very nice live music underground at The Creation 44.

Opera Cafe: Cafe opposite Opera – karaoke bar

Tekilla House: A nice Mexican restaurant in Podol

Dejavu: A beautiful international cuisine restaurant next to opera. Waiters dance, there's live music.

Places Outside and Around Kiev:

If you're having time or staying long, I've also marked the locations near Kiev on the map:

Olmeca Plage and Hyrdopark: Located on the left side, this area is divided into public beaches and cafes. Two properties in the area, Olmeca Plage and Bora-Bora, are very luxurious with a swimming pool. There is also the Miniature City of Kiev next to the Hydropark.

Pirogovo: This area, which is spread across a fairly large green plain, has been renovated by moving old Ukrainian houses, mills and churches, and a beautiful trip about ukrainian village life, picnic made of picnic area. It can take you 1 day to travel, to return, to travel.


Uman (Sofieskiy Park): This park in Uman, 2 hours (in the direction of Odessa) from Kiev, is a truly large area worth a visit. It will take you 1 day, with the castles and the lakes in it; A place i think will be beautiful in every season.

Goluboe Ozero (Blue Lake): Sunbathing and swimming in this lake, half an hour from Kiev. It's a clean lake. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, cafes in the facilities on the coast. If you're going to go for the weekend, get up early and find a hard place after 11:00.

Spa Center: A beautiful outdoor SPA center by the lake, which you can go to in an hour, near the town of Vorzel. There's a hotel in there. In winter you can enjoy a jacuzzi under the snow and dine in the beautiful lakeside restaurant.


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