Mittenwald-Garmish-Burghausen Bavarian excursions…

by Defne

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In this article, I would like to mention some of the towns in Germany, close to Munich, where you can go for weekends or day trips. These little trips with our friends who live there a few times because of work have allowed me to get to know the Bayern area of Germany better and have a pleasant time. There are many beautiful towns around here, 1-2 hours by train to Munich. What I'm touring and what I'm talking about is Mittenwald, Garmish and Burghausen. Mittenwald and Garmish can be visited on the same day as they are on the same train line.

First you can get off in Mittenwald and visit this very small but quaint town, drink your coffee in a café and see the old, small, exterior-filled houses between the mountains, adorned with wonderful figures. After a few hours of sightseeing (all the shops were closed because we went on Sunday and it wasn't very lively, it might be more fun to go on Saturday) you can continue to Garmish on the next train and visit it. Garmish is a relatively much larger town. There are also cute houses and streets here, and again the mountain view. In fact, zugspitze, the highest mountain in this region, is very close to here. If you're skiing, you can spend 2 days skiing and visiting the town. It was more mobile than Mittenwald, and because it was before Christmas, despite the cold, he had a lot of people on the street with hot wine and sausages. Garmish's other feature is his Casinos.  A lot of people come to this town just to gamble.


I'd like to talk about Burghausen. I would recommend that you take 1 full day on your trip to Burghausen. In fact, the river Salzlach, which is flowing through the way, is borderline. You can walk over the bridges to both sides of town. There's no more border control on the bridge, and whoever wants to walk away. So you're in Austria. It is also possible to reach here from Munich by train with a 1.5-2 hour journey. Burghausen castle is on the German side and it is mainly a must-see destination. It's a beautiful castle and there are many small houses in the castle. And it's beautifully preserved. You can spend 1 day here easily. You can go through the castle, then cross the river, have a nice meal and then come back.

When we went, it was May, and there were traditional 'Maibaum' ceremonies of the Bayern region, the may tree planting ceremonies, I thought the purpose of the ceremony was to welcome some kind of spring, but I don't know if that's the case, maybe the friends who live there are talking about it. they can provide more detailed information. The townspeople dressed in their traditional clothes at the celebrations are trying to make a symbolic, about 20m-tall tree stump vertical from horizontal state. Everyone young and old is there watching. A traditional band plays traditional music, local dances, plenty of beer.

In general, Germany's Bayern region contains many of its own cultural riches and still makes them live, with such celebrations and festivals.


Have plenty of sightseeing, festive, fun days



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