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In August 2005, we met Yavuz in Berlin for a weekend. I say we met because I was in Vienna for work, and he was going to Dresden for an education so we thought we could spend a weekend in Berlin. My journey began when I took the train in Vienna on Friday evening. After a 10-hour journey, I was in Berlin in the morning, and at the same time Yavuz arrived by plane from Ankara. The hotel where we found it online and booked ("Hotel Ansbach" Ansbacher str. 4 10787 Berlin) we met around 8:30 a.m. Our hotel u-Bahn U2/U15 is a small within walking distance of wittenbergplatz stop. (We used U-bahn frequently and easily for transportation in Berlin)

Since we only have two days, we've prepared a busy schedule. Berlin's multicenter and large ahir, according to many other european provinces, has made our trip plan some what has been difficult. Since our hotel is in the west, we planned to spend the first day west and the second day on the east side. ( -tourism .de , )

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Day 1: We settled in the hotel and started our trip immediately. After walking around the hotel and exploring the surroundingarea, we went to Tierpark after our 1-2 hour trip to the animal kingdom. We decided to go to Schloss Charlotte and then got there on a short walk, after an hour-two trip we returned to the city centre and went to Alenxanderplatz, one of berlin's most vibrant venues. Between the nearby streets, in the squares, in the parks, we walked through the bridges over the river. (There are many museums and churches for museum enthusiasts around here, we were able to watch the structures more from the outside, unfortunately we could not visit museums because our time was limited.) Then we took part in one of the boat tours that lasted an hour on the river. Although our guide made the explanations in German, we understood the crack. It was a stroll with beautiful views that was already important to us and it was definitely worth it. I recommend it. Then we returned to our hotel after having dinner at a restaurant overlooking the river.

Day 2: We got up early and set off so we could travel as much as possible again. 'East side' 2. We left it to day and we were a little excited. We went east by metro and walked down the roads where the Berlin wall used to pass and in some places where the remains were found. Then we arrived at Charlie's Check Point and visited the museum there. Then we continued our march and arrived at Brandenburg Gate. It's a nice beautifully restored and preserved pleasant square. It must be seen. We walked along 'Unter den Linden' and climbed to the top to look at the past ryp when we arrived at 'Siegessaule', which had an angel statue on it. It was a tiring climb but the view was nice. I liked the mosaics on the balcony below the tower the most, everyone should see 🙂 To return to the hotel, we walked into one end of Tierpark, one of Berlin's largest parks, and passed through the park. This park with a little lake in it was really nice. It was time to return. If we had a few more days, I think there were a lot more to see, but we spent both days full. I continued to Dresden by plane to Ankara by train in Yavuz…



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