Skiing in Grindelwald-Wengen-Mürren

by Defne

My favorite time of year for skiing is usually the first 2 weeks of March. After a long break, we were able to take a 4-day ski holiday again in the first week of March this year.

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Our route was the Grindelwald-Wengen-Mürren ski area, close to the Interlaken region of Switzerland. Interlaken is a beautiful tourist destination in summer and winter, also known as switzerland's lake district, 2 hours by car from Geneva.

In this region and the surrounding mountains, it is possible to trek in spring and summer and ski in winter. We chose Grindelwald for accommodation. Grindelwald is reached after interlaken continues to climb from the light-bended mountain road for 15-20 min. The day we got to Grindelwald, there seemed to be very little snow in town and around, and we didn't understand it very well because we got there at night, but we felt like there wasn't enough snow to ski.

It wasn't hard to find our hotel (Hotel Spinne, it was in the middle of the town that was already small. Many hotels, chalets, shops and grocery stores can be found in the town. Restaurant options are mostly hotels' restaurants. We always ate in our hotel except for one evening. The hotel had both the Italian restaurant "Mercato" and the restaurant where you could get a fixmenu. Both were very successful. On our first night, after settling in our room and having dinner at the hotel, we did a little exploratory walk around the hotel. We examined the map showing the tracks and tried to plan which days we'd slide.

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Since the next day's weather looks snowy all day, and the hotel attendant never recommended us to ski in that air, we devoted that day to rest, shopping and eating and drinking 🙂 Indeed, when we woke up the next morning, porridge was snowing blindly.

After a long and pleasant breakfast at the hotel, we took some hiking and shopping in the town. Then we got cold and went back to the hotel and warmed up at the hotel spa. We wanted to eat fondue for lunch, and we found what we were looking for at the hotel 'Hotel Derby restaurant(Hotel Derby) just across the street from the train station in town. He came with two different fondues, bread, boiled potatoes and pickles. One of the things I liked on this trip was that there was a soft beer everywhere, and all sorts of things, I drank the most non-alcoholic weiss bier, and the taste was very nice.

The two days after spending the first day like this were the daily visor. On our first ski day, we planned to ski between Grindelwald and Wengen. From towns with hotels in grindelwald-Wengen-Mürren region, it is necessary to travel about 45 minutes to reach the ski area. I've had the longest cable car ride I've ever seen here. From this point of view, it doesn't look very practical, but it's worth it when you're reaching the ski slopes and the alpine mountains that surround them. In the meantime, we were able to take the bus from the bus stop in front of our hotel and reach the train and cable car stop.

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It was truly unique to go up to Eigergletscher (2320m), the highest point to ski out, and watch the view surrounded by Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger peaks. Another feature of this ski area is that it has the highest train route in Europe. From Kleiner scheidegg to Jungfrauhoch (3454m) it is possible to take the train to 40min. But we didn't go out, we didn't want to steal time from slipping, and the only way out was pretty expensive. It gets a little cheaper if you get a 3-day skipass but we only bought a 2-day skipass. We've already chosen to enjoy getting on the train in the snow on the mountain as it is possible to get off the train from Kleiner scheidegg to Grindelwald in an hour, and for free for those with skipass.

On the first day, we skied on almost all the tracks in grindelwald and between Grindelwald and Wengen. We have never felt the crowd of people because the pistes are too large, too long and too wide, so comfortable skiing was a pleasure. Of course, we didn't ski all day non-stop, we stopped in mountain cafes, we ate a lot of them, we enjoyed plenty of views and took plenty of pictures, most of all with our new camera GoPro 🙂 We've had a lot of time lapse shots 🙂 We returned to the hotel about 16:30, with serious fatigue and even aches caused by rawness in our muscles. After the spa-sauna enjoyment, we ate dinner at The Adlerstube, sunstar's restaurant, another hotel close to our hotel. After dinner, we slept with the excitement of the next day.

The next morning we woke up early with excitement on a sunny day, after a super breakfast, this time we went to the "First" area, which coincided with the opposite slope of the area where we slid the previous day, we skied back to grindelwald-Wengen after we skied back from morning to noon, slipping back to grindelwald-Wengen, the day before we slipped from all the tracks we slid/could not slip from. Unfortunately, we don't have time to ski in the Mürren region, and if we had another day, we'd be lost in Mürren and we'd have taken to the Schilthorn summit where the scenes of the James Bond film were filmed before. But i'm lying, two days of raw muscles 🙂 Next time you have to go to the gym without taking such a break. Maybe on our next ski trip, our son will start to ski slowly, who knows who 🙂 After a 3-day holiday in total, we set our way back on our fourth and final day. We returned to Geneva and then to Turkey, accompanied by lake views of Interlaken. Again, as we miss our afacanand in our minds, our next trip routes 😉




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