City of Pleasure Diyarbakir

by yaww

I write this article in my notebook while drinking my hookah with the views of the Tigris River and the Ten-Eyed Bridge from the garden of Gazi Mansion. I don't like to write by hand, that's the first article I wrote in the post! Turning on a laptop would have been remarkable, I couldn't.
I think there are certain conditions for a city to be a city of pleasure. You have to have nice views and authentic places, you have to be ready mentally to enjoy, it's got to be the right time. There must be a shisha or a bath – which is where they both exist-. You should see the sun in the air, and you shouldn't be thick.
1 or 2 full days is enough when planning a trip to Diyarbakir. However, while this is 1.5 hours away, Mardin and Midyat, 1.5 hours away on the other side harput (Elazig) must be seen. It should also be seen here in Urfa and Nemrut (I don't have much idea yet). I will tell Harput in another article, mardin, although I went once, I can not travel, waiting to be visited. Next time.
There are cheap flights to Diyarbakir from Ankara-Istanbul-Izmir-Antalya. The airport is 5 minutes from the city. I recommend renting a car, the roads are easy, but someone jumps in front of you at any moment. People can walk around comfortably, not unsettling, contrary to what you think.
A city in the middle of horizontal axles with Elazığ and Mardin roads and vertical, Urfa road to find your way. It's easy not to get lost with reference points. For accommodation, $$$ Class and Dedeman Hotel, $$ Kervansaray + Prestige and $ Tourist Hotel are recommended. My favorite is Kervansaray Hotel, 90 YTL/single for companies, 120 YTL/double room price and 500 years old inn can stay. Don't stay in a hotel with a pile of concrete while you've come this far. A very exotic and clean hotel where you can have breakfast in the central courtyard, enter the free historic Turkish bath and have a long massage of tellak Hasan. The location is in Mardin Kapı (
There are walls surrounded by fish in the city. You can walk the parkway at the bottom. In the past, transportation in the wall was provided through passages such as Mardin Kapı, Dağkapi, Çiftkapi, Saraykapı. I think it's a cocktail for your company on the terrace of these castles, etc. you can do organizations.
Once you've arranged your stay, let's write down the attractions:
Grand Mosque: A historical and large mosque near Dağkapi. They hanged Sheikh Sait and his 34 men here.
Gazi Mansion: The mansion, which is also a large picnic area, was built in the time of Akkoyunlular. When Ataturk liked it on a visit, he was given a gift. At the picnic spot you can drink your shisha and semaver tea, as I do right now, and enjoy a unique view of Mount Forties. 500 m down Mardin Kapı. Then to your right.





Ten-Eyed Bridge: When you continue on the road from Gazi Mansion you can see a arched bridge with 10 eyes
Kervansaray (and hotel): If you haven't stayed in this hotel, make sure you eat one of three meals in your courtyard. The hammam is also recommended. Mardin Kapı is next door again.
Demirciler Bazaar: A bazaar with small shops doing iron work, also close to Mardin Kapı, is a historic food. It's like the Downhill of the Dupciques in Ankara.
Office District: The new part of the city. Although not very modern, art street can be visited with the streets where the shops are dominated (there is not much art activity)
Mega Center: Diyarbakir's most modern shopping mall on Urfa Road with its cinemas. There are stores like Beymen, Boyner
Asmin Restaurant: A restaurant where you can eat beautiful fish near Dedeman Hotel. He also has a decent and beautiful bar that doesn't enter without a disgrating.
In addition to these, kadayf (Lise Street), Kebab at Özler Steakhouse (Mardin Road), shisha at Picasso Cafe (Susvanağa Cad), entertainment at Nispet Bar, Paçacı Fazıl Usta (left cenahta on the way from the Office to the Station), Ciglici Muharrem (in The Office) Gevran Cad). I was going to say hookah again, but there's a nice promenade area next to Dicle University.

An interesting city, you say to diyarbakir "brother, why are you walking through the middle of the car way" answered "My house is messed up"  

See you in Mardin…




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