Skiing in Kartalkaya

by Defne

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I'd like to talk about Kartalkaya, albeit briefly. Maybe there are those who don't know, who haven't gone before, and who want to learn, who just started skiing, 😉 First of all, I'd recommend it. Everyone who loves adrenaalini, sport, nature, mountains, snow, cold.
Kartalkaya is within the boundaries of our province of Bolu. You reach at the end of an hour's journey of about 40 minutes, which is surrounded by pine forests, a bendy but magnificent road. (after deviating from the main path). There must be chains in your vehicle. 3 is 3 hours from Ankara and 4 hours from Istanbul. There are only two hotels on the mountain right now. Unfortunately, it doesn't take a single ski-pass like in Europe and not skate on all the tracks. You prefer one of the hotels and skate on its tracks. My wish is to have one ski-pass and ski all the tracks. Because even the longest runway is so short that you never stop reaching the top of the top, max. Five minutes. We went to both hotels a lot. The pistes of Dorukkaya hotel are more suitable for beginners, and the difficulty of the Kartal hotel is a little higher. But they're both enjoyable. You can check the length and difficulty of the pistes through the links of hotels., If you are just starting, you can rent skiing in hotels where the current prices are between 45-60 ytl per day. But you must have bought the clothes that fit the ski. There's got to be something waterproof, and the spare gloves can be useful.

Hotels can be arranged for affordable tours on day-to-day, as well as hotel stay tours at affordable prices. When you stay at the hotel, of course you find the opportunity to throw the tiredness of the ski day in the form of a pool, sauna, massage, buffet, good food, pleasure by the fireplace.

One recommendation is also related to the weather; 2-3 days before deciding your departure date, you should look at the snow and weather at the Kartalkaya generally tends to be foggy, snowy, windy and cold…Sunny weather has come to us several times but the indoor weather is more. So maybe there's no snow in other ski resorts, so maybe it's 🙂 Anyway, we'll say he'll put up with his rose-loving thorn, and we'll slide in the fog, on ice.

Wish everyone a winter with plenty of skis



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