Eskisehir by high-speed train

by Defne

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Since the start of high-speed train services from Ankara to Eskisehir, we have had a day trip in mind, we made this trip by taking the opportunity of the first days of the last autumn in summer.

We've had a lot of advice from our backs, as usual, where to eat the most 🙂 Although we can't complete the list, I'll share it with you for further assessment.

I had a nice image in my head about Eskisehir, but after this trip I saw that there was a very nice city beyond that image. In terms of urbanism, I think it's an example. I wish there was a tea, stream, river, puddle in Ankara… Or if it were next to the puddle that happened, the settlement is lake Mogan…

Anyway, if we leave the wishes and go back to Eskisehir, it's a really nice, european, sightseeing place. We boarded the 9th train in the morning of 2 families (4 adults and 2 children), the 1.5-hour train journey was very comfortable and enjoyable. Luckily, the weather was beautiful. We couldn't stand the train and had a lot of room for breakfast in Eskisehir. We started our tourist trip with Odunpazari, one of the most famous places. 5-10 min by taxi from the train station. It was early, so it wasn't very crowded when we first went. We walked between the streets and looked at shops selling souvenirs from lule stone.

Then we walked to the Ottoman mansion and spent some time in the mosque complex with Kurşunlu. The wood market is very beautifully restored and continues to be restored, the houses are colorful, the streets are sympathetic. We spent about an hour and a half or two in the neighborhood, it was lunch and we decided to eat chirugs at lunch, we were just near the Crimean house, one of the recommended chirugals, and we ate there. It was very nice mincemeat is recommended, of course it's very greasy. Another food alternative was balaban meatballs, but we couldn't eat because we were full of chibes. Those who want to eat in Abdulselam"

After dinner, we went to the badger's edge again with a 5dk journey by taxi. We walked along the waterside, roamed with gondola (they do very short laps, we need to ride engines for the long lap but we've opted for a kind of venice :))

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Karakedi bozaci, one of the most famous places in Eskisehir, was also in the vicinity, but we did not want to drink boza on the summer day, but those who want to visit the site .  We chose to drink a cocktail before we boarded the train instead of boza, I think it was the most beautiful pub in the area, but I can't say the same for the cocktail man, it's nice, but I think it's 🙂 (Islander hotel pub) Our time was very limited we got back on the 3:00 train, but it should be a night out and it can be experienced in the evening.

Personally, I would like to see the campus of Anadolu University.

If we could go out at night, Doors was recommended, but we couldn't go.

There are museums in the city, but we didn't have time to visit them either.

Apart from these, eskisehir's baths were famous, so we saw a few while we were touring. It's a good option for those who stay. His hammam was recommended.

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