Frankfurt and Its Surroundings

by Elcin

The real purpose of this trip was to attend a wedding in Frankfurt, but not without traveling while we were gone. Little Wanderer was a year and a half old at the time.

In fact, Frankfurt is a city to admire for its nature and orderly ness, but I'm not going to say it's too touristic. There are some very nice places around it worth seeing.

Let me start our flight first. It was a great advantage to have a direct flight from Ankara to Frankfurt, and luckily, the little lady slept on my lap for 2 hours of the 3-hour journey. I've been held all over, but I'm willing to do it because of the trouble of stalling… On the way back, we were even luckier and we were empty! Ours was so happy to sit on our own, watched cartoons, played games and we were very comfortable. Of course, there's an important lesson we can learn from here. Airlines accept children for a small fee until they are 2 years old, but if the financial situation is available, I say it should be cut for money and buy extra seats.

1. Day: Europa Park Expedition

Tirelessly on the first day we formed a group of wedding participants and made our way to Europa Park, both to entertain the children and have some fun ourselves.  The heir to Europa Park Disneyland is one of the world's largest themed amusement parks. Our journey with the car we rented lasted about 2.5 hours.

The German Bureau of Turmism has recently conducted a survey among tourists and identified the top 100 places in Germany to visit the most.  Europa Park neuschwanstein castle in this list after the Second World War. He's in line. Europa Park includes crazy roller coasters such as blue fire, even a website of its own, as well as children's playgrounds and entertainment. The environments they've created are so realistic!

There's also a very interesting restaurant here: Food Loop. Imagine being furnished with roller coasters all over this restaurant, the first and only example in the world. You order your food from the screens on the tables yourself, and your orders come around the roller coasters and come to your table.

What have we done? As a coward of the group, usually while I was in charge of the kids, the rest of the team rode all kinds of crazy tools. I was able to get on a few things that were less scary, like virtual rafting. And then we entertained the kids a lot. I just have to point out that I can't think about this trip without a stroller. For us and for Little Traveler's cousin, who was 3.5 years old at the time. Although it is said that the park is a stroller rental service in the promotion, it takes a thousand witnesses to say the stroller they rented. Because they looked tough and tiny shopping carts. Don't let me go without a stroller if you go. It's also good to take spare clothes, as there are activities that can be wet.

It's just a Trip to Europa Park for the kids and you can spend a nice few days here, but I have to admit that the kid inside me yelled, "Disneyland!" I think it's a more fascinating environment, especially for little girls…

2. Day: Heidelberg Trip

Heidelberg is a small, charming and incredibly romantic city set up on the riverbank like many European cities. Honestly, I wouldn't think of such a beautiful place in Germany before I saw it.  2. He kept his authenticity because he survived the bombing during World War II… There's also a living life here where different cultures meet with the university's influence.

The heidelberg castle, the symbol of the city, is stunning with its location and architecture inside the forest. So we toured the castle and then wandered through the narrow and ornate streets of the city.

3. Day: Rudesheim and Johannisberg Castle

Today's first stop was the town of Ruhesheim on the banks of the Rhein river. About a 45-minute drive from Frankfurt, Rudesheim is located within the area unesco considers and protects as a World Heritage Site. We spent most of our time hiking by the riverbank and wandering around and around Rudesheim.

In the afternoon, we went to johannisberg castle, which is also located on a hill near Rudesheim. Johannisberg is famous for its white wines and produces one of the best wines in this region. We first went for a little stroll around the castle. Then we had dinner at the castle's restaurant with spectacular views. We hear this is one of the most romantic places to renovate food in Frankfurt. The food and wine were great as much as the view.

4. Day: "The" Wedding

It was the wedding day that was finally our goal! Since the wedding venue was a little out of Frankfurt, our hosts arranged a hotel close to it so we could all stay together.

We prepared from the morning because they planned activities all day and went to Inglysdorff, where the wedding was to be held. This used to be a farm, but now it's a great wedding/event venue! There's a lawn courtyard in the middle and four single-storey buildings around it. (You should definitely take a look at the website!) Within the framework of our program, a wedding ceremony was held in one of these buildings, and then a cocktail was held in the grass courtyard and a photo shoot was held.

He was booked for the rest of the guests in the afternoon. In that time, we settled in our hotel Paradeismühle. Our hotel was a peaceful hotel in Klingerberger, 45 minutes from Frankfurt, surrounded by forests and even deer in its garden.

Of course, we went back to our incredibly stylish wedding venue in the evening and had a lot of fun nights. Little Wanderer didn't cause much problems either. He slept outside after a few laps in a stroller in the outdoors.

On our last day, we enjoyed staying together at the hotel and had breakfast as a huge group. We spent the rest of our time listening and hiking in the woods. The children ran to the fullneer, fed the deer…

Advice to the parents of Little Travellers:

1. If possible, buy separate seats on the plane.

2. Do not take your stroller away from you.

3. Forget that you can eat very healthy meals at home and give yourself a holiday. Otherwise, you might be very unhappy. There are so many different things that have caught their attention around, unfortunately they're not interested in food.

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