Yedigöller (Seven Lakes)

by Elcin

In November 2011, we decided to explore the magnificent colors of yedigöls and we set out to stay for 2 nights at Hindiba Hostel, which has a super location on yedigöller road with 5 families and a total of 6 children. Our journey lasted about 1.5 hours from Ankara.

The wooden and stone houses of Hindiba Pension, integrated with nature, make people feel that they are really moving away from the city.

During the day, we took pictures and walks around the area. Even though it was cold, we sat outdoors and sipped something hot. In the evenings, we played games with the kids and had deep conversations.

Only this time we cheated and took our babysitter with us, and the most importa:)nt advantage of this was that when he slept in the Little Traveller room in the evening, we were able to continue chatting with our friends. And during the day, he played those kids in the park while we were resting.

We only went to Yedigöller for one day. Nature was, of course, awesome, and there was a complete commotion because it was a lonely holiday. There was no car everywhere and there was no place to park, nor the road to move forward! There???s a very serious lack of organization. So I don’t recommend going on holidays and special occasions.

We spent a total of 4 hours in the car as we made our efforts to go to Yedigöller and we toured the environment! But our little lady, who was 2 at the time, didn’t call it a ticking, and started givi:)ng the first signs of her travel, so we decided we could drive longer.

Advice to the parents of little travellers

1. Don’t forget to take your medications with you when going on such a mountain/nature holiday, which may be necessary for any emergency

2. I don’t think i need to take a stroller.

3. The radio works very well. You can hang out while the kids are sleeping

4. If your child is picky about food, you can take it with you and store it in the kitchen of the property

5. From the age of 2, you can be braver about journeys by car

A Little Traveler


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