Let's visit Foça…

by Defne

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I had the opportunity to visit Foça, the beautiful district of Izmir, twice in 2005. It was my friends i loved who started living there, which led me to go there, but I also knew from my previous visits what a beautiful fishing town, a resort. My first visit was in May, a month when the weather began to warm up but the water temperature was still very low. Still, of course we enjoyed going into the sea, and then we let the sun warm us. My second visit was in November. Now the hot weather had left its place in breezes and rains, and the town was replaced by local shoppers and fishermen.

The best activities to do in Foça; Swimming in the sea in warm weather, taking day tours with boats, going to siren cliffs and surrounding bays, hiking around, exploring old stone houses between the streets, taking pictures and, of course, beautiful raki-fish feasts in the evenings can pull. Watching the auction, which takes place in the morning hours in the early hours of fish, or to fix the nets in fishermen's boats, and to love cats waiting for fish residues to fall for their share in the port are among other activities.

If you want to go to Foça. First of all, you need to go to Izmir and take buses to Foça from there. It's not too hard to find a place to stay, there are many hotels and hostels along the coast. The beauty of every season in Foça is different, but I recommend the summer months.




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