Diving in Kas is another beautiful…

by Defne
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We love Kas and try to visit it 1-2 times every year. In August 2005, we went diving to Kas for 4 days in honor of the 30 August Victory holiday. Both dives and this four-day little holiday have been really amazing. TALAY hostel was our accommodation on this trip, which we organized with our small group of 5 people. http://www.searchturkey.com/antalya/Hotels/Kas/kashotels.htm. We did the dives with apollo diving, which we met thanks to our friend Hakan. http://www.apollodiving.com/.

Our diving boat and our dives were very enjoyable. Perhaps because Kas was one of the most beautiful and rich diving spots in Turkey. We 'flying fish', 'Canyon', 'Oasis'… we did dives to diving points, etc.

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We had breakfast at the hotel early in the morning and went to our diving boat and we did our first dive and went back to Kas for lunch. There are many alternatives for lunch. It is possible to find very tasty home dishes, salads, fish varieties, the prices are also affordable. We'd do our second dives in the afternoon and go back to Kas port around 6:00 p.m. Some days we spent our remaining time swimming on the beach and sipping our bees in Dejavu until some days sunbathing. At night, he danced beautifulfish feasts and then in the 'Blue Bar', even mingled with the crowd that occasionally overflowed out of the Blue bar and passed with our bees and beans.

I recommend holidays and diving in Kas to everyone.


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