The Lycian route – Tekirova-Faselis route

by Defne

Spring months, the most suitable for hiking, we said for the most enjoyable months, and we spent our 3-day Olympian holiday on foot on the beautiful routes of lycian road again. The Tekirova-Faselis route, which I will mention in this article, was both pleasant and quite comfortable. Before the tekirova gendarmerie building arrives, you have to turn left when you see a sign pointing to a bridge and lily on the left. After following the road a little bit, we want to visit the ecopark (thinking that we sell ecological products, but in the style of a zoo(reptile) garden, when we see that it is a commercial place that travels to 15 ytl per person, we stop entering your car you park in a suitable place and start your walk. If you do this walk in spring, the smell of flowering orange and lemon trees will captivate you, see the green, yellow, purple flower fields that extend to the eye and run like children, start jumping and throwing yourself into the flowers You’ll want to, but attention bees will be at work, and at any moment an insect can bite you, sting a bee. But isn’t that a little bit of a point to be in touch with nature anyway?

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If you can free yourself from the effects of flowers, insects, fragrances, you’ll be able to walk, a little later, horses from the Sundance camp, wandering the countryside, and you’ll go into the Sundance campsite a little further. Dogs can bark, you don’t have to be afraid. I’d like to talk about sundance camp. We didn’t use this place to stay, but it’s a very quiet, quiet, peaceful place, we like it. It’s very close to the beach. It’s possible to stay in bungalows, unless you’re prepared to live in nature and aren’t too fond of your comfort. After touring the campsite for a while, we continued our walking path. After going to the beach and walking 20-30 meters, we suddenly noticed that the dog, who barked at us at the campsite, was running in after barking at us in the trees, and when we followed us We realized that he was really leading us to the right path, and our guide dog escorted us to Faselis.

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It took us about two hours to walk through the forest. When we arrived at faselis beach, we couldn’t get into the sea on the walk, even though it was quite cool, we were planning to walk all the way back after touring some beach pleasure and some historical ruins, but a nice surprise was waiting for us, small When we told uncle the biker who was standing in the harbor, he would take us to the shore, and the uncle put his raki together and prepared the fruit plate and prepared the fruit plate and enjoyed it against the sea, but he accepted our offer for a little money. In fact, after a little bit of a road and a tour of us, Sundance left it near the camp. Thus, on the same day, we both did our walk, entered the sea, toured the historic city, and enjoyed the engine on the sea.

I strongly recommend it to all nature and hiking lovers.

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