Lycian road Aperlai-Kekova route (+Myra)

by Defne

Before the end of May, before the weather warms up, we decided to take another walk and we completed the 15 km course, which started from the village of Kılıçlı and finished in Kekova, by taking a 7-hour walk in one day.



On a short 3-day holiday, we not only walked another course of lycian road, we also visited the beautiful districts of Antalya. On the first day we got off the bus in Antalya early in the morning and took the car we had previously rented over the internet ( Although they made us wait a while on Saturday morning, we were generally pleased with our car. Since we wanted to do our lycian road walk on the first day, we went from Antalya to Kekova without stalling. Kekova's local, who said that i could touch us by the road side and come with you to Kekova , is a bit awake in my opinion, and if he tried to sell us a boat tour on his feet, we wanted to walk the lycan road, to walk We said we'd start from the village of Kılıçlı, 10-15 km away from Kekova, and we needed a vehicle to leave us there. We put the rental car in front of the 'Kekova hostel', which we found again on the internet and the best of the 3 hostels in Kekova, and prepared for a quick walk, and put the vehicle on hold to leave us in the village of Kılıçlı, The car that came in shocked us in the first place, but in the end we had no choice. It's pretty clunky, a born in the dust, and we've learned later, kekova's native boat mechanic, our driver, who is 30 years from where we want us. he left it in return.

kekova5 kekova4 kekova8
Around 11:30 a.m., we went for a walk with our backpacks on our backs, the coordinate information we found about the route we would have previously walked online, and our new navigation device. Soon after, we saw the first Lyia road sign and continued in line with the definitions in the Lyia road book, but the continuation of the Lyya road signs did not continue, but we still stubbornly moved on. Although we were in front of either rocks or bushes wrapped in spiderwebs, we couldn't sleep. We tried to look at this disappearance from the positive side and be a whole with nature in harmony with spiders, pelts, insects and snakes of the kind we have never seen in our lives of at least 30 species that we have never seen! After an hour of scouring, our path crossed with the right path and continued much more comfortable and enjoyable after the march. After about 3 hours of walk, we arrived in the ancient city of Aperlai. There's almost only stone king tombs left in the city. After the ancient city trip, we reached the seafront and took a break to lunch and relax at the Aperlai campsite.

kekova7 kekova9 kekova10

While the cute family that runs the campsite prepared us something to eat, we threw away our tiredness in soft puffs and sipped our tea. After half an hour of rest, we moved on. Only goats and turtles accompanied us along the way. We've passed a lot of cisterns and wells. As the afternoon warmed, it reached the climax of our desire to enter the sea, but we could not reach a place to enter the sea. There was a bay mentioned in the book, but the weather was so windy and the sea was so choppy that the color of the sea in the bay, which should be paradise according to the recipe, was a reddish mud color… We continued on the road and saw a source leading up to the sea towards the end of the course, the sea was a bit blurry again, but at least it was blue and we decided to swim. We didn't mind the crabs who were hovering around the edges of their cliffs and said we were integrated with nature, so we jumped into the water. Cool water took all our tiredness and gave us the power to continue our path more vigorously. When we arrived in Kekova around 7 p.m., we were happy to succeed. Thus, we have completed the Lyya road part of our holiday.

The days that continued were more like recreation and historical sightseeing.

After breakfast the next morning, we immediately reached a small boat from the port in front of the hostel and toured the king's tombs, Simena and the sunken city. I suggest you walk down the boat in Simena and walk the streets of this beautifully preserved Mediterranean town, climb the castle and enjoy the magnificent view because there is no road transportation. After completing this trip, we had the opportunity to visit the sunken city by boat and swim in a bay. Then our boat dropped us back to Kekova and we looked at it just afternoon and just 20 miles away, we jumped to Kas. We continued the pleasure of the sea there, sunbathed in the kas amphitheatre, and then we ate dinner there and then returned to Kekova.

kekova3 kekova3 kekova3

We've had our last day completely improvised. When we left the hostel in the morning and set off in the direction of Antalya by car, our only goal was to visit the ancient Myra in Demre so that we did so. One of the largest amphitheaters, myra ancient theatre is worth seeing and, of course, rock tombs carved into rocks. After touring these places, we enjoyed the sea in the bays that we had caught our eye on the road and our 3-day trip ended in Antalya.

I wonder where our next walking route is 🙂


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