Famous(!) Capri Island

by yaww


Don't be fooled that he's famous, when we saw the ugly construction, crowd and tourism focus on the island, we were at the wedding where everything was exaggerated a bit. The sea is no different from the Sea of Bodrum, and the center of the island is not even comparable to Bodrum. At the beginning of the article, the Greek islands are a much nicer alternative to those who want to go to an island in terms of both geography and building texture (you can find an article here about the island of Kos).

To get to the island, you need to board the ferries from the coastal cities such as Naples and Sorento, where you can find your tariffs at the www.capritourism.com address. The journey lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Don't drive a car to the island because it's not a parking lot, so it's almost impossible to go somewhere. You can rent scooters on the island or use extremely comfortable municipal buss. If you want to drive, caremar's ferries are transported for a single yacht for 45 euros.

The island is two to three miles apart. It consists of the remote towns of Capri and Anacapri. There's a grocery store and a restaurant with every round. It can be reached by lying on the island's coguna or from the sea. The highest season is August and it's not very cute than we've heard. It is recommended for him in July.

Anacapri hosts the cable car to Monte Solaro, the highest-paid darch of the island. Last time we were around 6:00, we got out, and you don't get out. There's not much you might be interested in in Anacapri out of hotels. Go here in a bus and walk half an hour from the steep estuafters to Capri, the view is great.


In addition to the island center, Capri also drinks the coastal locations of marina grande and a part of the beaches marina piccola. All of these centers are connected in narrow ways that two vehicles can have a hard night together. The roads are home to a sagli-left hotel or settlements. The island is actually a very small island. There are resorts on the island where you can rent saddles and sezlongs by 35 eur a day, next to the small beaches where you can spend free time without laying your towel and golge, which is called a public beach.

The hotel we stayed in is very successful, suitable between www.hotelweber.com and alternatives, but it doesn't have its own beach, it just has a pool. He also has a free service to Capri every 10 minutes. Most of our three-day stay is spent in Marina Piccola, where we are sunbathing and entering the sea in a facility we find on rocks.

The island offers 2.5 hours of boat tours that give you a walk around the private island and tours of Marina Grande for 1.5 hours that you can ride with others. Another super alternative is 4-person face boats that you can rent for 2 hours and use them yourself. It's very easy to use and you can get past your most enjoyable times on the island. My advice is to rent it for 4 hours and take a tour of the island by anchoring it in each bay. This service can also be found at Marina Grand.

In another activity on the island, we can take panoramic spots and watch the scenery. Unfortunately, we couldn't do it because of the lack of time and the fog. These points are also marked on maps.

If you don't get your pants on the weekend and the weekend disruption, you'll be free from the time the Naples troops are on the ferry.

If you want to go and see a lot of ozetle and, as a result, go, but don't think the world is a paradise island. There are better alternatives, not necessarily going on vacation in the same place as Hollywood stars.


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