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In March 2008, I had one of the most diverse trips of my life. If we've always read in the history books, if we're interested in eastern culture, maybe books and novels about the two great cities of the silk road, uzbekistan's samarkand and Bukhara cities. Under normal circumstances, we don't think of a tourist trip here, and I haven't set off for tourist purposes. I went to visit him because Yavuz had been in Tashkent for some time on business. We devoted 2 days of this visit to visit Samarkand and Bukhara. In the small internet research I did before I left, I actually felt that there was something to visit, see and do in Uzbekistan ( http://www.loricatour.com/english/ ) (though, after i returned, I realized that this unfortunately does not apply to Tashkent..) In the country, some of which is desert, there is desert safari sits and mountain tours can be done in mountainous areas.

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After a long and tiring journey, I arrived in Tashkent. In fact, Istanbul-Tashkent is a 4-hour flight, but getting out of the airport is a separate 2-hour journey. The plane was full of Ozbekle, who was in Turkey to work and returned to their country. I'd say it was fun, mostly because it's made up of screaming women and crying kids. But I was happy to finally get back safely. On the first day, he spent some of tashkent getting to know, understanding and trying to get tired. The next day we crossed into Samarkand on a 2.5-hour train ride early. We made a comfortable journey in our six-person car, and the villages and towns we crossed along the road were enough to understand how poor the people were. When we arrived in Samarkand, olga, our tour guide, who will show us around, welcomed us. From morning to evening, from the madrasa to this mautore, we visited every place in this building from that mosque. Luckily, we did our trips in March with an unexpectedly sunny and warm weather.

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A famous carpet and rug weaving workshop was one of the different places we visited. The hand-woven carpets, which they processed the rope and made the rope themselves and painted with the paints they had from the roots they grew in their own gardens, were really worth seeing. We tried the surprise kebab where we could eat local food at noon (the chicken skewer we know is made with slightly different spices). While we were eating our kebabs, a table full of Uzbeks made fonds of their vodka and laughed. Then when we saw this scene in a lot of places we went to, we realized that the Uzbek usulu opened a bottle of vodka in the morning and noon in the evening and saw the bottom of the bottle of 3-4 men…  Although it is a little unsettling that we are staying in one of the two rooms in the 100-room hotel where we stayed in Samarkand, which is quite calm because the tourist season has not yet begun, we were so tired that we were not uneasy 🙂 ( http://www.orexca.com/samarkand_hotels_president.shtml )

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On the second day, we set off for Bukhara in a car arranged by Olga. Because the roads were so broken, we broke the record by taking the 1.5-hour road in 3 hours. As the driver approached Bukhara (:) called them this) he grinned to show his golden teeth and said, "Let me eat you an Uzbek rice" and we said, "Let's eat an Uzbek rice" and we stood in a place like an industrial site on the side of the road. We looked at this environment that didn't look very hygienic, everyone spooned rice with an appetite and fell to do the same to us. This vegetable rice with squeaky horse meat bacon in it is delicious unless you eat horse meat particles. At least I didn't like horse meat… It could be lovers. After we fed us, we started our trip to Bukhara. To compare it to samarkand, I would say it's a warmer and more intimate place. It is quite colorful with many madrasas, mosques, old stone structures, miniatureists, iron-making workshops, spicers, teamakers, silk sellers in a center that we can call the old city center. In general, madrasas are now tourist attractions, and rooms used as classrooms have become tourist shops. I can't tell you without mentioning the Suzannes. You thought it was a girl's name 🙂 Suzanne's some kind of Uzbek craft. All the women are selling these handcrafted suzanne tablecloths. The patterns and colors are quite vivid and beautiful. Besides, it is possible to find many handmade mosaics, ceramics and majolikas.

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After touring Bukhara all day, we sat somewhere and sipped our debt soups, and then it was time to leave with our guide, and after saying goodbye to him, we decided to walk the streets of Bukhara because it was still the time of the plane we would return to Samarkand. We couldn't say no to an uncle who was pulling into a wine tasting shop as he grabbed us from our arm, and within half an hour we tasted 10 different bottles of wine and drank about 3ch glasses of wine and then we headed to la la airport. I thought we were going to get on a plane, but it turns out we're going to get on a sleofand. There are no 30 people in total, it becomes impossible to hear anything when the leuries of this vehicle, which is like a minibus, move on, and there is even a danger of short-term deafness 🙂 After two and a half hours of torture, we were happy to get to Tashkent safely once again..

Since yavuz is on weekdays, I can't find a proper café or restaurant with a map in my hand, walking all the streets within the map range, walking through museums, taking pictures and getting hungry. he went to the same place, istanbul, and ate lahmacun. Since they're not a consumer society yet, i'm not around in shops or shops, and they go to open-air markets selling fruits and vegetables for shopping, so I'm content with a few spices that I've taken from the market.



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