New York again

by Defne

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It's been six years since He met New York, but he's not supposed to see him again. I told you at the time that we'll come back to this city and the expected meeting took place in July 2011. We saw NewYork in the fall the previous time, it was a little calmer, a little cooler, a little more autumn mode. In the summer, it's more than another, more energetic, warmer, more crowded.

We had more time this time, exactly six days, but if you ask if enough is enough, the answer is, "No!" …

Last time we tried to devote time to places in the city where we couldn't spend much time and different activities. We have set foot in New York with a long list of restaurants, cafes and shopping. Our first job, of course, was to go to our hotel, after last time's New Jersey adventure, we decided that such an adventure was not necessary and decided to stay in the heart of the city in Manhattan, and we used our choice in favor of the Pensylvania hotel at Penn Station. . The only advantage of this gigantic hotel is that it's central. A hotel where 100 people enter/exit every day and is now very old and even planned to demolish nearby and replace a new building. Anyway, the hotel has satisfied us in terms of location, but we may prefer to stay in a more stylish and boutique hotel next time.

Our travel guide, Cartoville, was a map guide. In both thin, there are suggestions for both the map and each region, I would recommend.

On our trip this year, we spent more time in the Areas of Meatpacking (which was not there when we went before, so whether it was restored and not available), soho, central park, bryant park. One day we visited the Library, just like in the movies:) Not without sitting in Bryant Park without having a cup of coffee, not without rest, right behind the building.

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On the first day, our first job was to go to B&H, as we did before, to study state-of-the-art photography equipment, to get equipment for camera, lens and underwater photography. After this purchase, we left what we bought at the hotel and started walking around the streets of my compact machine NY on tuesday and taking pictures on one arm with a D-SLR and my new 50mm lens. First we jumped on the subway and went to the meatpacking area, which was new for us, walked up to highline and toured the streets, and it was time to get out of the air and eat. Even though it's a bit of a tourist attraction, we sat in Pastis ( with suggestions from the blog community and friends. We chose to sit inside at 18 (!) degrees because it was even 35 degrees outside at night time – which we went back and forth between 35 and 18 degrees for the rest of our NY vacation. Metro 18 degrees, street 35 degrees, stores 18 degrees street 35 degrees 🙂 Fortunately, our body got used to it quickly, and we even enjoyed riding the sweaty 18-degree subway:)

Anyway, I was talking about Pastis, a nice French restaurant, touristy, quite crowded, nice food, i personally ate Ratatouille and was pleased. After dinner, we slowly began to crumit on our road fatigue, and we wandered around Meatpacking a little bit more and looked at the biergarten of the Standard hotel and then returned to our hotel.

Our days were generally spent waking up to 9a.m. and picking one of our listed cafes for breakfast and either walking down the streets, walking or shopping in Central Park, the Hamptons where we had weekends. I'll also mention our trip. We couldn't go to Central Park the other time, and it was inside me. It's a different kind of summer. It's a park we know better than American movies, 🙂 But it was a pleasure to be there to see those who rode bicycles, runners, boated on the big lake, sunbathing on the grass. The Boathouse cafe ( by the edge of the great lake is ideal for sitting by the lake or in your bar and having a glass or eating.

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We also chose restaurants from our list for lunch and dinner. Other than that, our dear friend Alper, who lives there, also gave us a great ride, we ate in different restaurants of their choice for 2 nights and went to a rooftop for a drink in one evening. The view was awesome…

This time we went to the Woodbury outlet for a day's shopping, but if you ask me, it was really unnecessary. Especially if you've been to NY during the discount season like the one we did, there's no need to go to the outlet. Stores in Manhattan are also quite cheap and there are many more options for shopping. And then there's century21 near ground zero, which I think is cheap and nice.

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Let's talk about where we ate, drink, my advice for breakfast: Sarabeth's ( we went to amsterdam av. and we liked it), Barney Greengrass ( very sympathetic, vintage setting, delicious breakfastwith plenty of calories 🙂 Good enough to eat ), Good enough ( were queuing in front of sunday morning!), Chelsea Market ( food and drink + ideal for shopping). H&H bagels are ideal for fast-paced breakfasts.

For falafel lovers who ate generally light at lunchtime taim ( a very small place, you can pick it up, or you can have to eat on your feet), Eataly is a great Italian restaurant and market, we liked the to go to lunch or evening. The Dean&Delucas are also good for quick snacks.

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Dessert, for cake: a bit of a stalk and a little place to go to babycakes but sympathetic and delicious ( Özlem's favorite, we went on his advice :)), at Magnolia bakery ( itself an NY classic, sex&the city viewers too They know it well) there are great cupcakes that appeal to the eye, it's a little too creamy and heavy for me, but the atmosphere is very sympathetic.

Their fate is: one evening we went for a drink at the ink48 hotel's ( restaurant, The food was great in the view, the only rainy day in NY that day, we were caught in SOHO during the day, we had to give our shoes because we couldn't compromise on rain and sightseeing, we got wet a lot, we stopped by the hotel before dinner and changed us, but we looked and it was still raining and locked in front of our hotel, jumped in one of the bike checks and it was quite fanzi. We arrived at the ink hotel just in time after the trip, so in case of emergency check travel is also recommended 🙂 , one evening we wanted to eat burgers and went to Burger Joint (, a tiny interesting place in the lobby of the Le Parker Meridien hotel, the burger was nice but I'm not sure if all the hengame, luckily we found a place, luckily we found a lot of people waiting in the queue. Another burger alternative is Shake Shack. Momofuku is a chain with a restaurant with several different concepts, we were pleased when we went to the noodle bar at noon ( )


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Let's go to the Hamptons… The idea of running to the oceanside on a two-or-three-hour drive over the weekend is very good. Usually in the area where the new york rich's cottages and expensive hotels are located, if you want to stay at night, you need to open your mouth for a little. All the hotels were full on the weekend we were there. So we went back for the day. We left early in the morning, taking a coffee break at a café in East Hampton and watching the Ferraris in and out of the parking lot 🙂 Then we drove all the way to Montauk and spent time around the lantern there, and again on one of the beaches there, we struggled with crazy ocean waves, which we were beaten up to. On the way back, we went out of East Hampton and ate and ate wine at a winemaker on top of them, but we didn't like the wines. We went back to New York and hung out at DUMBO, walked a little, we had dinner at Rice and I would definitely recommend it Then we walked back to our hotel on foot from brooklyn bridge.

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That's what our trip was about this time. We didn't have much time to visit museums, we just got to MOMA, but next time maybe we can visit other museums.



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