New York New York…

by yaww

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I really loved this city… 4 days was not enough to travel all over, not to do every activity, nor to fully understand the city. In this article, As far as we can, I’ll try to explain it.

As with all our other travels, we had made our plans in Detail in Ankara. After long research on the hotel and seeing outlieral prices in Manhattan, the subway in New Jersey
We decided to find a cheaper hotel near the stop and come and go to Manhattan by metro every day, just a 22-minute drive away…
As soon as we got off the plane, we arrived at the hotel after a long, abundant journey. First the air train at the airport($5), then the chamber str, which is close to the Metro’s WTC. A line A (possible to use unlimited subways with a weekly subway card,$24) and path tickets from WTC to New York to New Jersey are one way to JSQ.  It was about 6:00 p.m. when we got here, and it was dark.

Our hotel (, ramada jersey city limited, tonelle av) was 1-2 blocks from the stop, so we were comfortable with the street and the hotel where we asked someone, but we didn’t realize they were sending us across the street. We could say it was a bit agitated, obviously, and then we said it was a shiny street, and it turned out that it was an Indian quarter, so after we drew a large circle, we almost got to kiss the place when we reached the hotel 🙂
Our hotel was really clean and comfortable and the rooms were quite spacious and breakfast was also quite good compared to our previous experience in America. We immediately dropped our stuff and threw ourselves into Times Square. It’s really fascinating or dizzying. We went back to the hotel after we wandered around, had a drink.

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Day one: We woke up around 7:00 in the morning with the influence of jet-lag, and immediately prepared and hit the road. Our first job was the B&H photo video , new york’s largest photo-video store that we had previously planned to go to ( anyone interested in the photo photo should definitely go and see this place, and the stock is quite large, it’s the new one that pleases me. I was able to find hausing for underwater on my camera. Anyway, we started out after we got our job here, street by street. Our trip was also pleasant as the weather was quite sunny and warm around 18 degrees. We started the trip from SOHO sowe,soho, famous for its boutiques, shops and cafes, we liked it so much, i wish we had more time.. We continued our march with China Town and Little Italy. China Town wasn’t very touristic.

Little Italy, on the other hand, seemed to be about to melt down in China Town, shrinking over the years. The delicatessens and restaurants were nice. After we had lunch here, we walked from wtc to Battery Park and South Sea Port. After looking at the huge inaate site on wTC (for the newly built skyscraper instead of the collapsers) and the photos of that day, we plan to feed the player squirrels at Battery Park and watch the sun at Sea Port without sunbathing after watching the view. We crossed the subway to walk down the Brooklyn bridge and started our march towards Manhattan. I think it takes us about an hour to cross this bridge quite long, but it’s always a stop-and-a-half, and it’s a photo shoot. One of the conditions in New York is in my eyes. After all these activities, we were sent to the chinese-run foot and back massage center, where Yavuz caught his eye between China Town and Little Italy, while we were at the wedding to see what we could do with the black water on our feet. I didn’t want to try, but according to Yavuz, they were quite successful, and i think those who are interested in their work will find it in some way 🙂 (let’s find a convenience where hester str and Mulberry str intersects) Then we went around Times Square, Broadway, and then we went back to the hotel after eating our food.

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Day 2: In fact, today we were happy to go to the statue of liberty and Ellis Island, but with the weather beautiful, there was such a crowded and long queue that we decided to stop waiting and go to Sea Port and visit the Bodies Exhibition right across the street. . Then we toured the Sea Port and inside the ships. After we went around the mall for a while and ate our food here, we went to rockafeller center and wandered around. The next day we wanted to go to the show on Broadway, so we looked at the ticket and found it on ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Then we went back to the hotel after having dinner in the area. Unfortunately, we didn’t even go to one of the jaz bars we planned because we didn’t have any evenings left. Knitting Factory for example… Next time.

Day 3: Today we decided to make a shopping day, excused that the weather would be cold and rainy. We got up early in the morning and got on the WoodBurry ( outlet buses that got up from the Transit Authority near Penn Station and arrived after an hour’s journey. It is set in a very large area and is easily spent 4-5 hours in the outlet, which has many brands. After the shopping spree here, we went back to NY with the torrential rain and watched the evening beautiful and ugly. It was really amazing. If we were staying longer, we’d still go to a few more shows. Day 4: Today is our last day’s flight evening. We left our luggage at the hotel in the morning and left the hotel. We were immediately sent to the freedom memorial ferry. We took the first ferry to the statue of liberty and then to Ellis Island. The migrant museum on the island should be visited and the opportunities that began in the 1800s should be a little wedding on immigration to the country. After completing our trip, we returned to the hotel and returned to our warm environment in Ankara on a long journey from there to the airport, but with New York in our hearts. As Frank Sinatra said, New York has become our big apple, of course, after Istanbul 🙂


Wait, I feel like we’re coming to New York again :))



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