Abant-Mudurnu-Goynük-Circumcision Lake

by Defne

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This route is very close to Ankara, so it is very suitable for weekends. You prefer to stay in Abant and go to the 1st century. you can spend the day around Lake Abant and on the surrounding slopes and pass on the Goynük-Mudurnu-Circumcision Lake route the next day. Since mudurnu is the closest to Lake Abant from the towns along this route, that's where we're here. If you go on Saturday, you will have the opportunity to visit the town's fruit and vegetable market and buy them from the village products. The streets and old wooden buildings with the cute shops of coppersmiths and blacksmiths are really nice. Mudurnu Göynük is almost a 1-1.5 hour road and extends the road, so those who have limited time may not prefer, but if you have a good and beautifully restored town like Göynük de Mudurnu.
Mudurnu and Göynük are cute towns with old bay buildings and renovated buildings. It's worth seeing and seeing their own markets, shops and street breaks. Circumcision lake is a beautiful lake, but it is not very green. Surrounded by small hills that look a little wrinkled. We climbed up one of the hills, made sausages on the barbecue and had a good time, but I don't know it's a very sighting place. Instead, you can spend more time in Lake Abant. You also have the opportunity to go to the plateaus and see the komiu with a 2-3 km dirt road through Lake Abant.

We first repeated the small scale of this trip with bengi and yusuf friends in March 2005, only to cover the Abant-Mudurnu route, in October 2006. This time, our friends of Özlem and Nail accompanied us on this beautiful route. We spent our second day in Abant lake and Mudurnu, and the positive changes in mudurnu drew our attention compared to our previous trip. The intensive restoration work was taking good steps towards bringing the historical wooden houses to our tourism. In addition, the historic bath, which is currently under renovation, will be possible to use it in our next trip and will already be announced to bath-goers 🙂

In Mudurnu, the townschildren successfully carry out the task of guiding us 8th Century Mehmet. A student showed me a kid. He approached us on his bike and suddenly began to tell beautifully as if he had memorized the stories of the wooden mansions we were looking at. He then did not neglect to give msn address when he left:)





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