Red Sea – Sharm El Sheikh

by Defne
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This tour, which we made together with exit tourism as ankara underwater sports club, was my second red sea diving experience. Our journey, which we had the opportunity to see different sea creatures every day, began with our bus move from Ankara to Istanbul. After flying from Istanbul to Sharm El Sheikh, we were transferred to our hotel The next day we slept with the excitement of the dives we were going to do early in the morning.

Unlike our previous red sea trip, this trip should have been a hotel stay, unfortunately- Unfortunately, I say because nothing can replace liveaboard. When the hotel is accommodation, the likelihood of encountering a separate problem increases at any time of the day. The adventure, which began in the morning by packing up from the hotel and transferring to the port, continues with the boat docking in the port and the struggle to board the boat. After the boat set off (if the boat is a large enough boat, there are fewer problems, but if not…) the tube grabbing on the boat, tying equipment, the man the tube's o-ring exploded or not exploded, hah safely jumped into the water and was limited to 2 dives in the afternoon, it continues as a transfer from the port to the hotel. I write a little pessimistic, but the dives were, of course, very nice, the underwater underwater of the Red Sea was excellent, and the creatures we saw and photographed were also great. But the problem was i think Exit is going on with tourism. Because the organization was, unfortunately, terrible. After all, we looked to enjoy diving and have fun as a group. Our hotel was very close to the city centre, Naama Bay and it was a nice nice hotel that was very clean. Nice cocktails and hookahs we've been touring and drinking at Sharm in the evenings. Sharm is a very modern Arab city. Apart from diving, there were also many local foreign tourists. I would recommend that you can go on a sea holiday with ease.

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If we compare the underwater to the southern tour we've done before, I'd say it's possible to see more colors and more small creatures. But we've never found any big creatures or any of the pelagic bands.

Still, being in the Red Sea, diving, taking pictures was all very nice.

Laurel ** fishman

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