Red Sea St.John reefs

by Defne

In November 2004, we completed the nine-day Red Sea Tour of St. John Reef. This tour, which we did with as BEST divers, was special to me as it was the first overseas diving experience. Our journey, which we had the opportunity to see different sea creatures every day, began with our bus move from Ankara to Istanbul. After flying from Istanbul to Cairo, we continued by bus to Marsa Alam and reached our boat at night. The next day we slept with the excitement of our early dives that night.

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Our tour continued at the same pace for 6 days. Wake up at 6:00 a.m. and take the first dive immediately without missing the feeding and hunting hours of the fish, then breakfast and rest, then 2. dives and lunch, followed by the 3rd. dives and dinner, and finally night dives… While all the dives were beautiful, in my opinion, the best were the first dives of the morning and the last dive of the day, the night dives. We had the opportunity to see and photograph beautiful creatures and colorful corals.

We did every dive on different reefs. Thanks to our guide on the boat that knows the region, we have made safe and pleasant dives. Most of the dives were made to start after diving with zodiac went to the starting point and ended on the boat. Before each dive, our guide drew a map of the gold and gave us briefings on what kind of dive was waiting for us.

For these six days, we continued our dives from Marsa Alam to the reefs of St. John at different points, then we circled to return to Marsa Alam. The most beautiful of the spots we dived in was elphinstone reef. That's the only point we've had the chance to see the Sharks.

On our last day, we took the bus from Marsa Alam to Hurghurga and stayed at the hotel. After eating our dinner in a place that makes beautiful seafood in Hurghada, we also had the opportunity to visit the bazaar.

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After staying in Hurgina for 1 night, I came to the conclusion that it is better to do such diving tours with a liveaboard, i.e. boat accommodation, so that you can do 3-4 dives a day and not to be intertwined with the sea for 6-7 days. It was all nice to have the opportunity to watch as the sun rises and when it goes down, to watch dolphins competing by boat while the boat is cruising, to come across a series of chances for the manta passing under the boat in the early hours of the morning.

** fishman Laurel


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