India-GOA trip

by Pinar Young


Goa is very similar to muscle or olympus. Ye ic yacht .we rented scooters 4 days we toured all the ic areas, we saw their local places, we talked to people, we toured the jungels, we visited the places where they were eating spices.very nice. We stayed at €5 in the ground for $340 on the ground, and we ate a super meal of $1, which is a very strange place.there's a lot of class difference.there's a 60km beach in Goa.the sea always gets into the choppy sea, and from time to time, the waves are humanand very strong.

There's no shit in Bombay.take the slum of Istanbul, 17 million people live in the mess.we stayed there at the Taj Hotel.the hotel was super,so we were not very rahta-free.

In general, Hindu, buddhism, Christianity and Islam are widespread. We went to the oldest religion, jain worship, and a team people still worship it. Cows are on the beach on the street, but goada eats steak, cows are cut, there are different rules in other states. Pigs, no deer hunting.


He's been seducing.and he's got to get caught in the traffic police.

It's written in Hindi, urdu, sankrit, english common, there are 100 separate languages other than him.

The words I find common with Turkish:

Spice (india)

Seker, lamp, rice, bahsis (means rüsvet)




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