Gemile Camp, Pumpkin Bay

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When we decided to walk a course of Lycian Road for the third time, we weddingd the Hisaronu-Al-Al Village route, but when we learned that this march could last close to 7 hours, we shortened the tour to Faralya-Kabak Bay. Anyway, those who are curious about the Lycian Road, visit the and read this article, I will tell you about Pumpkin Bay:

After coming from Fethiye to Oludeniz and normally three times a day but getting on to the Faralya valley, which is said to be three times a day, you arrive at Kabak Bay, the last stop by crossing faralia and the Valley of the Butterflies, in fact the sheep is the other and its old name is Gemile Bay.
To land in a bay in a deep valley, you have to do a trekking activity with a footpath for about 30-40 minutes with a super view or give 30 YTL for the money of 2006 and call a tractor, because there is a similar way to the mule road for the vehicle landing down. You don't need to be too conditioned for landing, but for the exit, I can tell you the opposite, especially if you have heavy items.  Meanwhile, a reminder is that on lycia road, if you see the sign below on the rocks, you are on the right track, if you see "X", you have entered the wrong path.

There are a few camps where you can stay when you reach the bay: Turan Camping (the first campsite,, Recreation and Ship Camp. We found Selcuk Abi's Camp with Gemi, called before the trip and booked our places. There are two immaculate accommodation options at the camp: bungalow and tent. Let's also share a few photos of the camp:

After we settled in, we completed the introduction and threw ourselves into the sea. Except for the reinforced concrete "patio" made by the guard on the seaside, it has only a makeshift canopy. Young people, sea, sun, sand and silence after a super day, we sunk the sun and returned to the camp.

Gulıen, Cinar, Virgo, Meltem, Irem, Ozan who remained in the camp again, met and had a nice dinner with plenty of conversation, then we sat on the beach in the moonlight until we got sleepy and ended the night. We didn't forget to do the waterfall trip program the next day before we went to bed.

The waterfall is a real waterfall with icy water, which can reach 1.5-2 hours on the trail that climbs to Al-Al Village. With our friends and guide, camper Esvet, whom we met the previous evening, we reached the waterfall twice by swimming in icy waters along the road. Warning to those who will go, wear a shoe that can get wet, a beautiful and adventurous route awaits you. And on the way back, a perfect view awaits you.
And when we got back to camp, we reported that we couldn't get enough of the camp, take another day off from work and realize that we had to stay another night, and we couldn't come to work. By the way, no operator in the camp is picking up mobile phones, only the copper grid phone in the camp. If you are too bored, you can send SMS from the beach with the Greek operator.


As a result, it is recommended that we have a trip that we will not forget and remain in our taste checkers.

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