Diving on 3 islands in Tekirova

by Defne

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On the weekend of July 1-2, we were in the three islands of Tekirova for diving. This was one of the most beautiful diving spots in Turkey, which we understood in our dives for two days. Underwater is really colorful.

The thing is, i'm going to have to
The wall at the dive point called pyramids goes down to 37-38m and has a chance to see many creatures. And if you say what we've seen, you're going to have to do what we've seen
Large Orfoz, a variety of sea bunnies (purple, yellow-blue stripes, spotted, oversized yellow… etc.),
Squid herd (5 contoured), octopus, stingrays (3 of them are in the sand),
disciples (one floating in the open), colorful peonies, shellfish, scorpit and lipsoz, CORALs in rock hollows around VEEE 30m…

tekirova1 tekirova5 tekirova2

Additional information for interested friends:
Our dives with Tripple Dolphins Diving,
we also http://www.otelaloha.com/ we made our stay in the Aloha hotel.

The link to the photos we take in dives will soon be :))

Plenty of diving days Laurel**



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