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by Defne

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Olympus is just one of the beautiful beaches of Antalya but one of our favorites. It is suitable for many activities with both long beach and beautiful sea, cliffs along the beach and offering beautiful routes to climbers, both woodland areas and orange groves. At the beginning of November 2005, 8-9 friends came together and went to Olympus as an excuse for the holiday holiday. The place where we stayed is not the beach, but on the contrary, 6km after crossing Tekirova from Antalya to Olympus and swerved to the right-leaning beycik village. (www.olympos-mountain-lodge.com) A magnificent place on the foot of Mount Olympus, completely overlooking the sea. When we reached our hotel, we settled in and planned what we would do the next day, as it was about to get dark.

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Day one: I woke up at the time the first lights were floating through the window of the room and couldn't stand the spectacularness of the scenery, so I grabbed my photo machine and took a little walk to view it right away. This view is really worth seeing. Then everyone started waking up slowly and we had our breakfast in front of the view. Then we jumped on my jeeps and set off to get to the beach and the hiking routes in the vicinity. After going down to the beach and spending some time there, we set out on the road described to us to find the rally path. According to this tariff, when we came to Kemer, we had to turn left from the road where the industry is located and continue on the mountain road and then ask the villagers about the rally path and return to Beycik this way. Everything up to the highlands was described, but unfortunately due to road work, we were unable to continue from the closed rally road and our path was quite long, but we still made a journey with the views of the Beydaglarand the taurus forests. When we got back to the hotel, we were waiting for delicious food and a hot fireplace.

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Day 2: We thought we'd spend the day a little beach walking a little bit. And again, we went to a place with a jeep to find the walking route described to us, and then we started walking by leaving the jeep, and after a long time, after a long climb, we realized that we were on the lonely road and went back. Still, our walk and views were very nice. Then we got down to the beach with jeeps, ate something and walked on the beach and enjoyed the sea. Some of our friends have already swam, even though the weather is quite inspired for swimming. Then we returned to our hotel, close to dark weather, and enjoyed food, chat and wine at the beginning of the semester.

Day 3: We set off again to find the marked trail leading to the Olympian Boarded summit that we couldn't find the previous day, and this time we were able to find it. Normally it takes 4 hours to get to the top of this path, 5 hours to return, but we just chose to walk halfway and come back. This was actually kind of a expedition for us. Then we set off for the Gallidonya Lighthouse, another route that we learned from our book describing other routes on the Lycan road. After this lantern passes the Adrasan sheep. It's possible to go to the final point where we can go to the jeep and walk the last 2 km to the lantern. The view of the lantern is absolutely spectacular, on a hill dominated by 3 and 5 islands from the famous diving spots. As the sun went down, we went back and went back to our hotel. Unfortunately, this was our last night here and we had to make preparations to get back the next day.

We came back this year in May or June to come back here and go to tahtalı summit…



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