Italy (Venice-Florence-Tuscany-Roma-Capri)

by Defne

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When I say a romantic holiday, I always thought of Italy, i don't know why, maybe one of the films I've seen…

When you say Italy, of course, when you say romance, I think venice is the first city that comes to mind. So we performed a classic and started our tour from Venice towards the end of July. Impressive, different and romantic in a word. Although we received many different comments from many different people before our trip, we loved it. Yes, it was crowded, it was complicated, but the people were unlikable, nor the canals smelled bad. Or so, but everything felt good to us 🙂

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Spending two days in Venice is enough to see everything you can see. If you stay for three or four days, of course there are other places to see. The hotel we stayed in was small but clean and charming (Hotel Basilea). We arrived at the city by bus we boarded from the airport and after getting off the bus we were in our hotel with a 10 min walk. (Although it's not easy to cross some steps and stairs with huge suitcases..) Life in Venice isn't so easy, if you don't want to get lost, my advice is to have a GPS. If you don't say you're an adventurous person who likes to get lost, which I can't say you'll never get lost with a GPS 🙂 yes, it's good to have an adventure in between. What happened in Venice? Many canals, many gondola, many vaporetto, many tourists, a Rialto bridge, a San Marco square and a gondola tour for us. In addition, of course, a lot of memorable moments. On the first day, after searching all the streets, we went to Murano island with vaporetto on the second day. The island, which has famous Murano glass makers and vendors, is the smaller and more sectical of Venice, but if you have little time, you may not go. Another alternative in Venice is Lido, but we didn't go there.

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After spending our first two days in full Venice, we're in third grade. On the morning of the day, we took our rental car and headed for Florence. The highways are so nice and comfortable that we haven't really had big problems in traffic, but I'd like to remind you that if you don't want to get lost in the city, make sure you rent a GPS car. You won't regret it. We were in Florence on a 3-hour drive, even in a parking lot. The location of the hotel was really amazing. The fourth-century building of one of the historic buildings in Republica square is located in the fourth century. One of the 10 rooms on the floor was ours and was just looking at the square (Hotel Olimpia). We prayed to once again 🙂 Florence is really cute, not a very big city. It is an art-loving city with bridges, sculptures, squares and street artists. I was fascinated by street artists who made great drawings with chalk on the floor and washed up what they did every day and drew something else the next day. I would also recommend you to go to Michelangelo square in the hills of Florence in the morning to photograph the magnificent bridges. We also climbed the first tower of our trip in Florence 🙂 After that, we climbed the 400-digit Duomo tower without knowing we were going to climb 999 more. Of course the view is fantastic. You have to climb when you're young:) Another first in Florence: Limoncello! What a wonderful liquor. Of course, be you, and don't say what a good thing it is in the afternoon heat. The next morning, we fell on tuscany's roads, albeit for the day. We arrived in Pisa after an hour's drive, saying no way out of Italy without seeing Pisa, 50 miles from Florence. And the tower was really crooked… But we didn't go out because it takes a very long wait to get to the tower, and the tower is 🙂 As a town in Pisa, it is very enjoyable to rent out bikes for 2 people and the Panini, an Italian classic, are delicious. After Pisa, we moved on to Torre del Lago, where Puccini's house is, and from there we arrived at Viareggio. We thought we'd make a decision on one of the long beaches and take a break from some sea, some sun, some sleep, some ice cream. We stopped in Lucca, one of the Tuscan towns on the road. Again, we found narrow streets, quaint squares and a tower with 200-odd steps and immediately climbed. The scenery and sunset are amazing… It's been the night we've been back to Florence, but of course it's never too late for a good meal and wine.

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After spending two full days in and around Florence, the fifth-century city was the first time. Today, we set our way to tuscan ties. As we begin to descend south from Florence, both nature and climate begin to change. The light grey and humid weather in Venice is replaced by the sun, the chaos of the city is replaced by the Tuscan valleys and medieval towns. Every small town is worth seeing. We were not lazy, and most of them stopped, walked, ate, drank. San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena, Montepulciano, Assisi… They perform different ancestry professions in each town, blacksmiths, ceramicists, mosaicists, olive oilers, soap makers and winemakers. We tasted the best wine in Montepulciano. All day after i visited this town, we reached the hotel where we were staying in Tuscany. It was the most amazing hotel we've ever stayed in. Actually, it's a shame to say hotel. It was a small castello. Overlooking vineyards and valleys, the building was very old but magnificently restored and converted into a hotel (Relais Il Canallichio). It was great to have breakfast again the next morning against the view. Speaking of breakfast, unfortunately in Italy, my dream mediterranean breakfast wasn't in any hotel. While I was waiting for a variety of olives, olive oils, cheeses, we came across various kinds of bacon-made meats, sausages, not for me, but I'm sure meat lovers would be happy… I'm not much of a coffee lover. Coffee for breakfast, afternoon coffee, tired coffee, i've been hurt, coffee 🙂 But it's not italy's country of wine and coffee, but it's both going to be right.

Anyway, after breakfast, we're on our way south again. We stopped by Spoleto to see a few more Tuscan towns, but I don't think there's really anything worth seeing. It's best to move on. Now that we've absorbed Tuscany, give it to him, capri, and we stepped on the gas. Our goal is to reach Naples and cross the ferry to Capri in no time. After a 3-4 hour journey, we arrived in Naples in the afternoon, and we really shouldn't waste time and jump on the ferry. Naples is a mess, obsolete, rash city. (thank you once again for gps!!). We reached Capri on a half-hour ferry ride. Even if there was no love at first sight, we loved Capri. Our hotel and our room with sea views were nice (Hotel Ambassador Weber). But the "free beach" mentioned on the hotel's website wasn't as free as we did at our wedding. While we were at the wedding that it was a beach belonging to the hotel, we realized that we would either sleep on a small public beach without umbrellas, without a shadow, or we had to prefer relatively nice cliffs where 2 sun loungers + 1 umbrella sat 35 euros. There was nothing to do, and there would be a price to pay for being on the island of 🙂 Aside from our disappointment with the beach, we loved Capri's charming center, the magnificent seafood we ate, the narrow curved bends down Anacapri and the sights. In general, in Capri, our days were spent enjoying the sun and the sun. We decided to take a boat tour on our last day. We think he's going to be captain. Turns out they're allocating the boat to us! Anyway, we said capri had captaincy. We completed our 2-hour wonderful island tour with our little motor boat. We didn't struggle with the waves of giant ships coming out of the harbor, we didn't struggle to anchor in the bay, but as a result I really recommend it, we had a lot of fun. Still, if you're at a wedding to See if I should go to Capri or not, i'm advising you to jump on the basement 🙂

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After spending three husbands in Capri, we took an early ferry to Sorrento. It wouldn't have been to see Costiera Amalfitana by the way. And it's amazing in a word! If I was going to go again, I'd never have a wedding, i'd go straight to Amalfi. This coastline has sharp bends, narrow roads and excellent views as we sought phoenician-Kas. All the quaint little towns lined up along the coast at a time of 5-10 km. Amalfi, Positano, Minori, Maiori, Atrani… I liked Positano and Atrani the most, both cute and calmer. But if you want movement, I'd say Amalfi. Amalfi, italy's largest lemon producers and therefore limoncello's hometown. (Limocello is 3 times cheaper than Rome) Unfortunately, we need to move on and say that all roads will lead to Rome before we can spend too much time on this coastline!

We arrived in Rome in the afternoon on a three-hour drive over Salerno, now it's time to leave the rental car. We will walk rome by ground, on foot, by metro and of course we will take a scooter 😉 (Keep in mind that the metro does not work after 10 p.m. Our hotel did not disappoint us again very cute and pleasant hotel. (Hotel Napoleon) We have exactly 3 days in Rome, we are very excited 🙂 The only negative thing about Rome is to be overly hot, moist and sticky. It's a grind to travel during the day, but the city is so beautiful… Our first stop was the Spanish stairs, which we had a lot of in the following days. There are main places to visit in Rome Fontana Trevi, Pantheon, Navona Piazza, Vatican City, Colloseum etc. But other than that, every small narrow street is full of surprises. You can find many tiny cafés and restaurants and enjoy delicious meals and enjoy super wines and coffees. I strongly recommend renting a scooter because you can go through the corners of the city that you wouldn't normally think of, and have fun moments. Another place we visited in Rome was a show called "Time Machine". Coincidentally, the map we got from the hotel was very much in demand for the show we saw advertised. I would definitely recommend that the show, which lasted about 1 hour, describes Roman history in a fun way. Another beautiful show took place one evening on the scene where we saw it set up while spending so much time on the Spanish stairs. Next thing you know, a lot of people are sitting on the assembled steps and waiting for something. So we sat down and ate our paninis and waited for the surprise show. After a while, the entertainment began when 2 female 2 male opera singers sang the most famous operatic works. So you never know when to encounter in Rome, it's not going to hurt to plan much and let it flow a little bit 🙂  After all, when you say Rome, the first thing you say is, i say Roman Ice cream, which we eat three times a day without a wedding at all:) Indeed, every café, every ice cream parlor produced its own different varieties, but my favorite yogurt and all kinds of fruit.

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That's how our intensified Tour of Italy, which lasted almost two weeks, is over. If he ever goes to Italy again, give him a hand in northern Italy.



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