Uzbekistan-Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara

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Uzbekistan became a republic after the dissolution of the USSR and is said to have been ruled by dictatorship, but it is a free, economically closed country where you can still see excerpts of the communist order. The main livelihoods are cotton, natural gas and tourism. Therefore, your visit is important for the economy of the country 🙂

You can reach Uzbekistan by Turkish and Uzbek Airlines. If you have luggage, especially outside the cabin baggage, you will find 1-2 hours due to the crowd and the slow system. I recommend that you do 1-2 days in Tashkent, 1-2 days in Samarkand and 1-2 days in Bukhara while making your travel plan.  Uzbekistan is a poor but proud country. So clean, safe, people intact and very cheap. So when you first hear his name, immediately forget the illness and safety concerns that you may think of. You can walk freely anywhere every hour of the day.

When you say Uzbekistan, of course, amir Timur, who can be considered the greatest conqueror of the world after Alexander the Great, comes to mind. Timur, uzbek tir and his tomb, which we know, are in Timurlenk because of his limping leg, which is based on the borders of Ankara with his commander Esenboğa, and his tomb is in Samarkand.

Don't forget to take a very clean and spotless USD or EUR with you on your way out, the credit card is only available in the big hotel and 3-4 restaurant. Here's your first fun; The largest banknote is 1,000 sums, or about 70 cents. So when you cash in 100 USD, you'll have to walk around with you with two wad coins and get used to it.




Tashkent, the capital of the country, does not have much value from a touriststand point of view. Although the museums, which can be seen by Amir Timur and the Museum of Art (Musee Iskust), are not much content. But it's a beautiful city where you can take long walks with its eye-catching greenery and parks, especially in spring and summer. Other attractions include Oloy and Chorsu markets, TV tower and Japanese Gardens. There is also a small historical madrasa next to the Chorsu (Çorsu) market. With a small bribe in the TV tower, you can go to the top, open space. On Saturday night, make sure to go to kt komba nightclub. Chelsea, Irish and J Smokers as pub-restaurants; As a restaurant, I would recommend Izumi(Japanese), Caravan(Uzbek), Bistro(Italian), Dar(mixed), Dudek(Czech), Sato-Marrakech (Morocco). Other nightentertainment venues include disco-bar-style Niagara and Shambala. Those who like simpler places can try fm bar and diplomat. I marked all locations in Tashkent in the Google Earth file, where you can download them by clicking here.

Those who are curious about Uzbek dishes can order Lavash Caravan, Uzbek rice (a small amount of horse meat on it called Excavation), Bori soup and cold meat plate.

You can gladly stay in my preferred order of hotels radisson SAS, Dedeman, Tashkent Palace, Markaziy, Intercontinental and Grand Mir. There's no taxi, you're negotiating and getting in the first car that keeps you up. Although Uzbek and Turkish are only 20% similar, you understand somehow. Because the city is full of police, carry your passport and the registration paper you received from the hotel with you and do not speak a foreign language next to the police so that they do not constantly check.

Let's just say it now, if you're going to buy a rug, take it from Samarkand or Bukhara, not Taikent.

In the meantime, be sure to see the 3-4 station of Tashkent metro. One of the most beautiful subways in the world after the Moscow metro. No pictures!


If you have time and find a vehicle to take you, visit Lake Chirvak and Beldersay ( mountain, an hour's drive away. Beldersay is a beautiful ski resort with a single but long piste and two lifts. Ski and dress can also be rented. During your mountain visit you can stay in a gize chalet at the Sky Village and NBU facilities. If you go to the lake in the summer, you can swim and rent Jetski very cheaply, even if it's not very spectacular.

You can reach Samarkand by a car or train ride from Tashkent lasting 3.5 hours. The train gets up at 7:00 a.m. and returns at 7:00 p.m., so you have a chance for a short day trip. You can stay at the President or Aphrodisiyap Hotel in Samarkand (there are sureto be other hotels). Samarkand is a very historic city located on The Ipek Road and has hosted Amir Timur over the years.

Places to see in Registan Square, Gur-Emir (Amir Timur's tomb) and Shah-i-Zinda respectively for a day trip. Those who have more time should also see additional places such as Ulubek Observatory, Ulubek Madrasah. You can buy souvenirs in Registan Square. We also went to a place outside town where we made a few hand-wringing from trees and made souvenirs with them, but I can't remember his name.

Gur-Amir is the place where Amir Timur and his sons and grandchildren have the grave. The story was opened in the 1940s to see if the tomb was real and the bones were taken to Moscow; When examined here, Amir Timur was found to have been wounded in his arm and leg. But when the tomb opens, a paper with the words "Peace breaks down" is said to have been released and three days later the beginning of World War II, although it resembles an Indiana Jones story, there is no reason not to believe it. When the war was over, the bones were restored.


We arrive in Bukhara again by train or car from Samarkand on a journey that lasts 2-3 hours. I don't know the hours i've never been by train, and the car isn't very comfortable because of the broken roads, but there's nothing to do. You can make your return from Bukhara to Tashkent by plane. The 6-hour road by car, 40 minutes by plane.

Bukhara is more appealing to tourists than Samarkand. The fact that they have restored the old bedestens in particular has created inn-style shopping malls and squares. There are four or five places to visit again.

More detailed articles can also be found in Defne's article.

Good trip

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