How to visit KOS island in 2 days

by Defne


Ola Kos, a member of the so-called 'Dodecanesse Islands' group of Greek islands, is just half an hour' ferry ride from Bodrum. Compared to other islands, this medium-sized island is very efficient, green and wetlands. Structures, beaches and people are not very different from our Aegean coasts, but it's still worth seeing. 2 days is the ideal time to visit the entire island and rent ing engines for transportation is both cheap and enjoyable. There are historic buildings, churches and ancient ruins worth seeing in kos's city centre, and nightlife is quite colorful and fun. It's also quite affordable in price. It is also possible to cross from Kos to other nearby islands. With a 1-week holiday, many of the islands can be seen staying on a different island every day.

Day 1: After getting off the ferry, we immediately started walking around the city center. The first thing we ate was the roasted corn in the harbor immediately and then buttered corn at the top, I would definitely recommend 🙂 Then we started looking for a hotel to stay. We did some research online, but we didn't book, it's not hard to find a place to stay on the island, it's possible to go and find a place without planning. Hotels are generally clean. After finding a nice hotel, i'm going to have to go to the 2nd floor. Our job was to rent engines. They certainly can't rent without an engine license, but we got lucky, and after a lot of work, we were able to find a rental place. We put on our helmets and started the tour. After entering the sea at Tigaki beach, we continued on the road and climbed to Pyli, we reached Pyli with great forest and sea views. After a little stroll in Pyli, a lovely little village with a lovely view, we went to Zia and had our lunch there. Then we went back to Kos in the evening after landing on Marmari beach and enjoying the sea. The streets are chirpy, the food is nice, there's a lot of cafés & bars on the streets and you can sit outdoors and enjoy different cocktails.

Day 2: 2. Today, we went to the towns of Kardemena and Kefalos, the most remote point of the island. We've come a long way, but Kefalos has a long beach worth seeing. In Kardemena, there is nothing very different, except topless British tourists 🙂 After spending the whole day like this, we went back to Pyli to watch the sun set. It's time to go back to Kos after sunbathing in a cute terrace café. Thus, we completed our 2-day tour.




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