Iberian Coast

by yaww

Iberian Coast began its life in 1979 and in 2003, the Bahamas banded with a 1,029 gross cargo ship that ended in Turkish territorial waters… The 72-meter-long ship takes refuge in a nook in the storm according to our guide Ozan, but when he left his place after the storm, his engine failed, first hitting the stern side, then his torso on the rocks. it's tearing it apart and sinking.


Our dive starts in Demre, days from Sunday… We're going to have to get our flashlight. It starts at 8m, at a depth almost surfaced, and the wreck… It goes up to 28m. First a few pieces of stairs come up, then the first pieces that washed ashore… In turn, a giant engine, shunt and propeller…

You're moving forward, the load compartments are coming. Go on a little bit longer, here's the shocking captain's mansion with you. If you call, you can enter the captain's mansion through one door and exit through the other door. If you have even more courage and expertise, there are also rooms behind the captain's mansion, but we don't go in so our guides don't get angry because it requires diving indoors.


We glide down the Iberian Coast writing after the dive and we encounter another painful fact. The ship threw its anchor on the side of the pier to avoid landing, the anchor's chain stretches as far as it can, even the diving club hasn't looked at how many meters it's going to go. But even that couldn't save them. The anchor on the starboard side looks like a giant where it is, with the nose deck and the handkerchief intact.

And then there's the interesting rumor, the captain's missing after sinking, and there's no significant burden on the ship!

Over the years, we wish more creatures to be home. Be sure to dive into this ship:

Link for interested friends: http://www.demrediving.com



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