Lycian Road Stage 2-Faralya-Pumpkin bay

by Defne


Day 1: We landed in Fethiye around 7:30 a.m., after a short wait, the dead sea van arrived and 40 minutes later we were on the beach in the newly awakening dead sea. Since the nearest faralya van was an hour later, we looked to enjoy the beach and the sea, washed our faces in mediterranean waters and said good morning to the day.. Then we arrived in the village of Faralya on a 15-20 minute journey. At 10:30 a.m., we passed the first signs in accordance with the recipes in our lyia road book, but soon we realized we had lost the traces. We found ourselves anxiously walking down the dirt road in front of the Faralya hotel, when we asked the villagers about the way to the likya, we learned that we missed the first entrance but could cross again with another path. We walked 50m back from the hotel and headed to the 10-15-household neighborhood, called Asar. The villages, houses, people and views are amazing. We often asked the villagers in the neighborhood and after about an hour and a half of tracking the trail, we were quite elevated and the Mediterranean was lying in front of us with all its blue. Although the heat of August made us sweat, we continued unbeaten at around 1:00 a.m. Provided. After walking 100-200m on the dirt road, we arrived in the village of Pumpkin and went down the trail towards the bay. We were in blood sweat at about 1.30am but happily 🙂 We immediately settled in the bungalows and ran into the sea. We didn't leave the beach until the evening sun sank over the sea. Then we completed the day with the beautiful food waiting for us at the campsite and the friendships gained during the meal, pleasant conversations and a nice sleep on top of it.


Day 2:2. Today, we reached the waterfalls by following the path to the lyia road heading towards Al-Al-A. at around 10:39 am, accompanied by a group of friends and guides we obtained in the camp, and even by circumventing the challenging rock climbs at several points. The climbing part of the walk lasted about two hours, and some were off the lycian road, but it was a real pleasure to walk through the valley surrounded by tiger butterflies and covered in forests.

Then swimming in icy waterfalls took all our tiredness. Then we went back and crossed the road to the replay and made a bow and made our way to the camp. We spent the day on the beach until the sun went down again after we had lunch. In the evening again, the campsite chat, food, then walking to the beach and wave sounds accompanied by beach misery and a nice sleep…

Day 3: We dedicated our last day to rest and swim completely, after 2 days of walks, this rest day was very good. In fact, if we could arrange a boat, we'd be going to go boat ing around the heavens and pirate bays after the pumpkin sheep, but it didn't. Next time… Although we could not stop listening today, we couldn't stop because there was a cave about 200m off the left rocky side of the pumpkin beach.
It was mentioned, and we thought, "This is the adventure." And when this madness merged with the waves of the sea, it exhausted us a lot. We swam to the cave, but we couldn't get into the waves. After spending time on the beach until 4:00 p.m., it's time to gather, we started walking an hour in advance to catch the minibus and half an hour later we were on our way. We spent time at a cute Mexican restaurant in the dead sea until we got on the bus at night.

We're looking forward to the next lyre path stage…



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