Skiing in Zillertal-Arlberg, Austria

by Defne

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In the first week of March 2007, we had the opportunity to ski in two of Austria's many beautiful ski resorts. We were pretty lucky, the weather was very nice and the snow situation. We've had nothing wrong with our plans.

This 4-day ski holiday began when we flew to Munih in the early hours. It took noon to arrive at the Zillertal Arena (Mayrhofen) area of Austria, just 2 hours from Munih in our rented car. Thanks to the navigation device in our car, we found the road quite easily. I strongly recommend it. This device saved us from looking at the map and disappearing at all stages of our trip.

In no time, we left our belongings in the hostel ( which we had arranged in advance and went to the slopes to ski for half a day. We met with our pinar and Craig friends who had arrived before us and started skating already, and we started skiing. Although the weather was quite sunny, there was quite a strong wind on the high slopes. After stying for a while, they closed some of the pistes due to the storm, after slid a little more on the other slopes, we finished our ski day and returned to the hostel. It was a very friendly and small place run by a family. After relaxing and listening in the sauna, we had dinner at the hotel and drove down the town centre. We've been there for a while, and after a drink, we've finished our first day tired.


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On the second day we woke up with the excitement of the other runways and the beautiful sunny weather and had breakfast and slid all day. On the evening of today, our friends and I parted ways and we set off for the Arlberg region, where we will spend the next 2 days on their way back to Munich. Our hotel was in the town of Lech. After a two-hour drive, we arrived at our hotel. I wasn't so sure i found the last room in that area, maybe a week of intensive research, in this hotel. But we were lucky again because we ran into a very nice boutique hotel. ( Our room was quite small, but it was very affordable considering the room prices in the area. Both hotels we stayed in were half board, but this second hotel really had a full gourmet menu 🙂

As soon as we got there, we left the stuff and went down to dinner, and then we slept with the tiredness of the whole day and the excitement of how the tracks were waiting for us the next day. The next morning we reached the runways using the lifts right across the street from the hotel. This place was really different from the places I've seen before. For one thing, there were a lot of hotels at lift's first stop, and people would get out of the hotel and ski and start skiing. So there were hotels on the edge of the runway. Anyway, as the first and most exciting skiers of the day, we started to ski from the smooth pistes that have never been shifted yet. But later in the day, finding a proper track would be a dream. All the runways were covered in small little snow mounds that we could describe as moguls. For experienced Austrian skiers, it took us a while to get used to it, but in the end we had a lot of fun, so we slid non-stop to ski all the tracks in the J Lech region. Four hours later, we were in other mountains, a long way from town, and we decided to eat. The fog that suddenly overwhelmed us gave us a hard time.

First of all, we had a long way to go back to our hotel, and we had a long, tiring, sometimes frustrating but mostly 2-3 hours long, exhausting, sometimes frustrating but often falling 2-3 hours, going into the routes that require a straight line climb, called the ski route, which is lost by the map, and the occasional ski route is not lost. we have completed the pleasant route. Meanwhile, the sharp fall I experienced, the huge bruise on my shoulder, the eclipse on my neck (which has been 15 days, still not fully healed!) became the salt pepper of the day. But who says skiing is a risk-free and easy sport… After all, when we arrived at the hotel, we were in the consistency to kiss the place, J Another nice part of the hotels in this area is the ski rooms. Prepared according to the maximum number of people staying at the hotel, these rooms have separate places for skis and ski shoes. The special metal straps you wear ski shoes are heated so your shoes are dry and hot the next morning waiting for you! They really say there's no limit to the service. Anyway, we've tired all day in the wellness area, another beautiful part of the hotel, i.e. in the relaxation area with sauna, steam room and private water beds. On top of that, it's a delicious meal again and a short tour of town. The Arlberg region was one of the most expensive ski resorts in Austria. You'll know that when you go into any store. I certainly don't recommend shopping, especially ski equipment, etc. After we've finished this day like this, it's time to leave our hotel the next morning.


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We moved to st.Anton's area early and slid on the tracks in that area on our last day. (Only 15 minutes from Lech to St.Anton) So we haven't left any runway skid in the Arlberg area, J Now another advice i can think of is that you have a radio. We've used it so many times during the day that everyone has the freedom to slip at their own pace, from the track they want. The routes are very long and the area is very wide. Of course, the best is not to leave too much, you never know when it will happen to you…

After this last ski day, we took a tour of the town of St.Anton with our muscles accustomed to the tiredness of 3.5 days of rigorous training and headed for Munih. We arrived in Munih after a 2-hour journey from very pleasant mountain roads. After a pleasant chat and a nice dinner with our dear friends there, we set out early the next morning on our way back. With many good memories, we ended both our holiday and our ski season.

I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes to slip.




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