Diving & Rafting in The Bridged Canyon in Alanya

by Defne


In recent years it has been deep and, as best divers, we held our Diving + Rafting event in May or June once a year this year as ankara underwater residency club on June 10-11.

Although we went to Alanya every year specifically to dive into the Rambo cave, this year we had to perform our dives at other points due to the air opposition and the extreme choppy and blurry of the sea. The feature of the Rambo cave is to be able to rise and exit into the air cavity after entering the entrance at 15m underwater. The cave with stalactites and stadlers is really worth seeing.
On our first day, we completed the dives in Alanya and arrived at our campsite in Bridge Canyon. After settling in tents and beating dinner, one of the most fun parts of the fire began to sing, folk songs and conversation.

After breakfast on the morning of the second day, we arrived at the rafting starting point after canyoning for about an hour under the guidance of air raft guides. Then it was a contentious day with plenty of water fighting and shoveling. Like any of our beautiful events, this is over in the afternoon and we are on our way to Ankara.


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