Diving in the Maldives

by Defne
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The Maldives, known as a popular honeymoon destination, consists of 1,000 small atols in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It’s really impressive to see such a natural wonder. And it’s sad to know that like many beauties in the years that come with rising waters, it’s sad to know that this place will disappear, and it’s a great chance to see it without extinction 🙂 The biggest factor in determining our Maldives as a holiday destination was to see these natural wonders and dive under great water. Of course, not to rest and to rest. Access to the Maldives is not very difficult, it is possible to reach the capital Male by transfer via Dubai with a total of 8 hours of flight. Depending on the distance of your preferred resort to Male, you need to use tiny planes that descend into water that take off from what they call speedboats or air-taxi. As a result of our research, we stayed at the Veligandu Resort in Rasdhoo Atoll, a little further north of North Ari Atoll. There are already 1 resorts on each island. Most of the resorts are run by foreigners, ours was a fairly organized, organized, peaceful island run by the Germans.

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If you’re not going to the Maldives as a diver, it might be enough to stay 4-5 nights. It can often be boring for those looking for movement and entertainment because the surrounding area is full of honeymoon couples. But you can swim profusely, you can stroll on the House Reef for hours with snorkeling, dancing with turtles and sharks 🙂 If you’re a diver, you won’t get bored at all. The branch office organizes 2 dives every day, and early dives can be arranged at night or early in the morning upon request. One morning, for example, we dived into a dive called Big Blue just to see a hammerhead shark. It was a very interesting experience to watch plankton in the middle of the ocean that only shines like navy and thousands of stars, and maybe waiting for the hammer head coming, and 1 of them came close to 10m. The diving spots around our island were quite nice, and we were satisfied, but I can’t say the Maldives are better compared to Malaysia…

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Island life is actually quite routine. But every morning you wake up excitedly. First of all, even the gorgeous turquoise color we saw when we opened our eyes in our room, which was built on water called water bungalow, was exciting enough. Then go up to the terrace of the room and see which fish came in front of our room today and see sharks in the mean and small stingray derivatives (like eagleray, stingray), saluting crabs on the stairs was the first routine of the day:) Then walk to the restaurant on the other side of the island — in the shadow of palm and banana trees — to eat from a fabulous breakfast and to take a morning dive. If there is no diving, reading books in the hammock, lying in the thin white sands that have occurred thousands of years as a result of the crumble of corals, or leaving themselves in the blue waters, or snorkeling and chasing fish during the hours when the sun is not at the top, it was other routines. The spa, run by Filipinos, is a truly physical and spiritual feast, which is the perfect spa for those who like massage. Apart from that, we had the opportunity to play a lot of games because we were four. King, we became pinball, pin pon, billiards, uno, monopoly specialist. We had different cocktails. We ate delicious meals mainly in Indian and far east for dinner. We witnessed the spectacular sunrise and spectacular setting of the sun. As a result, it was a nice holiday with both activity and rest.

Must be forgotten for those who plan to go: Necessarily 50+ sun protection, sunglasses, hats, snorkeling material (mask, palette, snorkelling) because it’s expensive to rent there, wearing sleeves while snorkeling, plenty of bikinis, 1 slipper (even it A super feeling of walking barefoot on the island where it is not worn), book, mp3 player, and a few drugs for emergencies

Have a good holiday for everyone already.
Laurel *** fishman

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