Demre's unexplored underwater world

by Defne


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On July 22-23, 5 friends went diving in Demre. We met with 2 more friends there and did excellent dives with our 7-person team for 2 days. We did our dives with Demre diving, the newest and only diving center in Demre. It is a paradise for Demre divers, who are both rich and undiscovered underwater due to being very calm and untouched.
We did a total of 5 dives in two days, 1 was deep, 2 were cave diving, 1 was apiko and 1 was sunken diving.

There are spots where there are strong currents, in general underwater image is in the middle pulpit. There's plenty of material for underwater photographers. In our deep dive, we landed in adrium, a cave that was not fully cut, the entrance to the cave was very wide, but we didn't go far. The cave walls are covered in Sunset Corals. The other cave 'Blue Cave' also has a very large entrance. We witnessed two of our team that the cave is also the habitat of bear fish. Even though we missed the animal who wasn't used to seeing a diver there. It's possible to get as far as 15m in the cave. The habitat of plenty of shrimp. We did the sunken dive on a cargo ship called 'Iberian Coast' that sank in the storm in 2003. It was a pretty impressive wreck. It hasn't been home to a lot of creatures yet, but it's sure to get rich errands over time.

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After this exciting weekend, we're going to go back to Demre and say,
We came back with the friendly diving team there in the hope of diving into other newly discovered spots.

Link for interested friends:

The link to the photos we take in dives is soon :))

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