We're Daldik in Indonesia

by yaww


I still can't talk about it.

There must be no word in turkce that will describe such joy.

They ask me how it was, Indonesia, just stop for a moment and laugh big.

How was Indonesia???

It was very far away but it was very….

The first 4 hours of time when you say what's cheaper or cheaper at Dubai airport

Then we said a little samata, we went down to Singapore, we didn't stop there, but the goths were always in prices, and we were crazy about what I took. Then I lost my boarding pass, J last took me to the tip.

Yes, we drove thousands of miles, but we didn't feel it.

When we gave it there, the zumrut green of the rain forest, the fruit hanging from the trees, the flowers were pruning all over.

Their sororities were very close, but everyone was dealing with a big smile on us.

We dived in Monado, 3 days, and last day we dived on bangha island, where Ozgur wrote something about you because you were the most tecrubed teacher of the Lembeh Group, the best thing I've ever been in my life, bangha island, I think it's going to be in my other friends.

The next day, we rich 🙂 We went to Lembeh for the last three days.

I want to have an extra bracket for these branches…

I've never seen a branch of organized branch like this in my life.

3 branches in the gun 8:15, 11:45 and 14:45 what 1 minka gec what a dhaka early.


Max at the briefing. Not less than 1 mt from the depth, not an mt. More, max. There is no more than a minute from dalis time, no more than a minute, no minute….

I didn't clean a dress and a booty, and it was cleaned before and after every branch. Camera? They didn't even give me a.

Fresh pineapple and papaya in hot days waiting for me on the boat after dalis, hot days, hot cikolata still doesn't come out of my mind.

As soon as BC was removed, I've never lived in a branch point before the comfort of the dry towel on my shoulder.

Lembeh was a very macro paradise, and we knew it before he left, sometimes there were moments when we couldn't even see a 10-foot otemiz. But we were so interesting lyin's life that two guides were going to go to each other's dungeons to get his picture and video.

We've been tired of telling each other what we've seen in the last few days. We were just shutting up without meaning.

There are two moments when I'll never forget it.

The first is the fresh coconut, the water I've blooded into a liter of blood and the cashied made from his grave, which my room served as the Coconut tree pruning in my room after the first day in Lembeh, Calif.,

Secondly, as we left the hotel, for minutes, the whole hotel was singing.

Here, he's so scouring words.

Teacher, Thank you very much again

Greetings to all of you


Last Soz: Go to Indonesia and do what's below:

1. Manado, bangha island branch
2. Stay at the Kungkungan Hotel in Lembeh,
3. Steve met his team in the four
th. Eat fresh Coconut from your tree
5. Make the living ones you want to see before you go, make a WishList guide (make sure they find it as if they've put it with your hands)
6. Make a shopping in Singaporea (but don't negotiate like crazy)


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